The following link is an excellent treatise on Alternative Energy Storage Methods.

Makes interesting reading and gets us thinking on power storage sources for the capsule cars as well as the Self Sustaining City.

We have in earlier articles talked about using Solar, Wind and People Power to power the city’s energy requirements. Now let us talk about the energy storage methods for  the city.

Taking the capsule car, energy is required to elevate the car. The car will generate electricity as it coasts down hill. The will be a net loss due to friction which will be provided by our battery less storage system.

Lets us say that the electricity generated by the capsule car is used to pump water up a water storage tower. The solar panels and wind turbines mounted on the same tower along with our pedal farms from fitness centers will also be pumping water. We now have stored energy which can actually be used as a hydraulic lift to push the capsule car to the coasting level.

I remember reading that the Japanese at some point in history designed wind up cars which were very much like the key cars we played with as kids. So another alternative to store energy could be to wind up springs and release this energy to push the cars up the coasting level.

So, in essence this modular lift tower designed with different themes to reduce monotony could serve as a power station, water storage tower, capsule car lifter, cell phone tower, restaurant, car transfer station, bank, convenience store, super market, fitness center, school, college, fire station, recycling center, home, offices, recreation areas, observation decks or factories.

We just have to connect these towers with capsule cars and have a pollution free self sustaining city.

I have recently tried Google SketchUp which is a free 3D modelling program. Are there any designers out there who use it for their designs? This program would be an ideal way to share and collaborate on the design of the Self Sustaining City. Each of us could design a module and bring the same together virtually.