The next building block for a Self Sustaining City is the energy capturing module. We humans expend energy when we work and play. This energy can be captured and stored to complement the solar and wind energy sources which are the staples of our sustaining city.

Let us take a simple exercise cycle in a fitness center. This cycle could drive a generator which would feed the power to pump water up a tank. So we have stored energy which can be released on demand to drive power turbines to supply power. This is much cheaper than batteries.

Let us take nurses. They walk many miles a day. Can this energy be captured to charge IPOD’s and other devices which require power to charge storage batteries.

Let us take the example of people watching a football game. They expend energy cheering. Can we capture this energy? Of course we can always have a generator under the seat which the spectators can pedal to generate power and pump water up a tower. Just imagine the power which can be generated by 20 thousand  full blooded football enthusiasts. Then we may even pay for people to watch games

What about protesters. We could set up a pedal generation farm where they could pedal and protest. We could convince the leaders to come and observe protests in a pedal farm.

What we need is a combination of designers and engineer/scientists to challenge themselves on elegant solutions to this energy capturing module