I recently read about a company which makes solar panels by ink jetting the appropriate chemistry on plastic sheets. This is a continuous web process affording economies of scale. They are in commercial production and the product is used for various interesting applications including lap top bags which charge the lap top battery and window solar skins

My suggestion for an application is the Solar Power Plastic inflatable Personal Electric Mobile of one, two, three or four wheels.

The power plastic can be die cut with lasers and laminated. We will then inflate the device much like an air mattress. This would allow users to customize their personal mobiles with custom shapes and colors creating unique one of a kinds. The prime movers would be ink jet printed motors (It is possible to inkjet jet conductive coatings) Here again we can custom design motors depending on the weight of the users for maximum efficiency.

Optional storage batteries would again be ink jetted electro chemistry and Capacitors which will keep the weight low.

Applications are only limited by the imagination of Design Thinkers. We can have beach mobiles, personal transporters for one, two, three or four people, unicycles, bicycles, Segway clones, chute mobiles, boats, gliders, transportation for the disabled, dirigibles and other interesting uses.

Again excellent Design School Project material.

We would of course go for online ordering. Customers would configure the design using parametric programs for the shell, prime movers, instruments and color/design themes

Parts would be delivered by Fedex/UPS/USPS and inflated to final shape by customers

Future articles could drill deeper into the design, building and manufacturing of the inner components