Let us piggy back on the POD Car by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow in the Boston globe and Design Sojourn’s coverage on Chris Bangel and Personal Emotional Mobility 2050 at the Icsid Design Congress 2009.

We all like our Laptops and our iPod Nano’s. They are our inseparable companions and we have docking station at home and work for them. But we are not too sure about our cars in the present form.

So let us look at a Personal Emotional Mobility Module which Chris Bangel would love. How about a dockable mobile module which can dock a Lap Top, iPod Nano and carry one human.

This pemmPod would serve as a mobile platform for us to be mobile as well as have access to our favorite personal tools while we travel. It would have a flat pack SMEB ( Single Minute Exchange of Battery) module, voice control, autopilot,satellite guidance and wi-fi. It can travel from home to station and station to office on its own power. It can dock to a high speed POD  Chassis running on linear motors for travel times of 5 minutes or more as it is being trickle charged. Now if we were a family of four we would have 4 pemmPod’s. The pemmPOD’s can attach to each other as well for family travel with any one of the modules capable of having Master status for control.

At work the pemmPOD would be our work station. So in essence the office, laboratory or manufacturing facility would be one large hall without barriers. We would move and meet as projects dictate have virtual conferences and online conversations.

The pemmPOD would dock like the Rhoomba Vac when charge on batteries are getting lower with over head trickle charging robots. The pemmPOD would have individual cooling systems as well as passive body exercisers built in.

The manufacture of the pemmPOD would use lasers, 3D printing and inkjet deposition technologies for digital fabrication with renewable plastics. The whole system can be user configurable with mix and match capabilities and locally sourced with a Ring Based supply system to reduce transportation costs.

Now let us PROTOTYPE 🙂 and make it happen