Played the whole day sketching and modelling the pemmPOD with good old paper and pencil

Here is the low down so far on the mobile which probably has roots from the NASA Rover

The pemmPOD will consist of the following modules and components

Modular Chassis : The chassis will be modular with docking receptacles for power pack, personal computer pack, the battery charger pack, spare outlets and the prime moving pack. The power pack and personal computer packs will be housed inside the chassis with pop out removal capability for servicing and repair.

Chassis construction will be with renewable material. Suggested materials are saw dust and scrap plastic. Suggested construction methods are extrusion, molding and lamination. Wiring will be with conductive inkjet deposition. Lighting will be LED’s. The chassis will also have anti-collision sensors. Bumpers will be air bags inflated when a possible collision is detected.

The power pack will be an off the shelf state of the art battery technology offering. The personal computer pack will not only act as a desktop computer but also as the control and media system for the pemmPOD and will be fully expandable per user requirements

Prime Mover Module: The prime move module will be a torsion spring link and the integral drive motor and steering assembly. This unit again docks into the Modular Chassis. There will be 4 Prime Mover Modules each for a single, double or quadruple pemmPOD

Seat Module: The Seat Module docks into the Modular Chassis. The seat will be very similar in construction to an air mattress and will have built-in seat warmers and passive exerciser. Other construction methods include coir, goose feathers and cotton depending on the construction locale

Frame Module: The frame module docks into the modular Chassis and carries the Back Rest, Optional Roof Top and Solar Module, the 26 inch TV/PV Monitor. Suggested construction material is processed wood, plywood, aluminum tubing/extrusion, bamboo or air supported tubes made out of renewable plastic again based on construction locale

Back Rest Module: This module will be similar in features and construction to the Seat Module but will be docked to the Frame Module. It will however have an optional Solar Power Plastic Panel

Roof Top Module: This is an optional weather shield with a Solar Power Plastic Panel and docks to the  Frame Module

Arm Rest Module: This module will be similar in construction and features to the Back Rest Module and docked to the Frame Module

Control Module: This Module will have the key pad for the PC as well as the controls for the mobile . Needless to say head phones and microphones will be wireless. Autopilot, satellite navigation and google maps will be standard.

Optional Aerodynamic Shroud : Will dock on the frame

Foot Rest : Will dock on the Modular Chassis and will again  be similar in construction to the back rest

In all we have a modular system which can be user configured, will keep up with growing technology, components can be locally manufactured/assembled, is open source, made of renewable materials, is easy to maintain and repair, has all the benefits of latest technology, is pollution free, has an almost limitless range  as it is constantly being trickle charged most of the time, can dock to long distance chassis POD (to be covered in another article), can be used by the disabled and enabled.

And our employers will love it as they can have compact efficient organizations flexible for growth in a lean and mean era.

The pemmPOD will continue to unfold and evolve with reader interaction.