The success of the Personal Computer is due to the modular approach and universal interfaces.

For example literally anyone with a will to succeed could build themselves a personal computer from off the shelf parts. They could buy a tower, power supply, mother board & sound cards and assemble the PC with the required universal interface (e.g. USB)

Now all that they have to do to get it working is hook up a monitor, keyboard, mouse, web cam, microphone, speakers, internet connection and Voila! you are connected to the world and media.

Now let us add mobility and a work station to this. Eureka! we have a pemmPOD

The key now is to build the universal interface to connect the various modules of the pemmPOD just like a PC.

We have the chassis, wheels, PC, frame, seats and other options

We need cables or traces for 12 or 24 Volts DC as well as 5 Volts DC and modular connectors which would allow any modular component of the pemmPOD to dock seamlessly

We do have the option of using wireless as well.

Now all that we have to do is agree on an universal interface. The pemm Serial Bus & the pemm Power Bus? PSB & PPB 🙂

The manufacturer of each module of the pemmPOD will incorporate the PSB & PPB in each module.

Now the home brew pemmPOD club is ready to roll. The pun is intended 🙂