Detailing the dream on the gemPOD

The gemPOD is the Prime Mover module for the pemmPOD a.k.a Personal Emotional Mobile

The basic building blocks of the gemPOD is the single wheel mounted to a tubular stub axle with an integral universal interface for power, communications and TTL.

This gemPOD attaches to the chassis and docks to the pemmPOD chassis.

The gemPOD serves as a motor as well as a generator.

So, it can be attached to a chassis in one, two, three or four wheel configuration to serve as the prime mover for a pemmPOD. It can also serve as a generator driven by wind, water and human power at home, in the gym or the football game with optional attachments. The gemPOD can also act as a friction power drive for retrofitting existing mobiles

The gemPOD will be configurable online with options on wheel size, braking and steering

The tires will be manufactured from ground scrap tires and plastic.

Open source design drawings and source code for the online expert system will be available free to any one  as long as they are able to research use of recyclable materials