The guidePOD is a module which can be worn on the arms, legs, chest, waist, head, walking sticks, guide wheels and special purpose mobiles to help lead blind or vision impaired people around obstacles.

The basic components of the guidePOD are as follows

  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Micro-controller
  • Power Supply (Battery)
  • Alarming device
  • System Mounting Box slots for mounting bands
  • Arm, leg, waist, head or stick band
  • iPOD docking station is an option 🙂

These are all off the shelf item which we can purchase from hobby electronic stores. Companies like Parallax list all above components in their web site with very good user manuals.

The guidePOD can also be mounted on a 80/20 extrusion fabricated guide wheel which will be christened as the gwPOD. The gwPOD would have the added advantage of sensing steps, curbs, potholes etc. It will also have a built in generator to power lights, batteries etc.

Another commercial application for the guidePOD could be for the pemmPOD as anti collission sensor.

In essence this module could be used in any location where a distance has to be detected between specified bands and and alarm sounded as a warning.

Now on to Digital Prototyping