It is the Christmas season. Time to go out, cut a tree and get it installed at home and decorated.
Or get the good old artificial and and deck it up.
Reminds me of trying to make a Christmas tree look like a palm tree during my sojourn in the desert lands in the 80’s
I thought it was cool but the wife and kids were not too impressed with dad’s efforts.
But , I do remember when we tried outlandish themes as kids at home, mom was always impressed.
Looks it it has to do with the audience.
Can we have virtual Christmas tree using Holography
Checked out a link to educate myself of Holography
The dream is to have a Virtual Christmas tree tied to the web
Friends can can gift you ornaments which if you accepted would latch on to the virtual tree
Greetings would also be done the same way
You could have your design changed on a daily basis for variety as well
Now, would this help the environment in any way
Would this enhance out lives in any way?
Would kids love it.
Sure, if they could play games on it chasing reindeer or even getting virtual gifts from Santa
I also read about a Hologram you could touch šŸ™‚
Would we then have virtual habitats, furniture, cars and what not
I am sure that someone, some where is on the way to making it happen
Till then I will probably try to make one like a coconut tree in Florida and incur the wrath of family šŸ™‚
Merry Christmas to all my friends in the WordPress family. A little early though, but I just could not let this thought on virtual Christmas trees go by without blogging it.