Guidance Module

The pemmPOD continue to evolve.

  • Conceptual specifications are complete
  • gemPOD the universal prime mover module is detailed
  • The universal interface is detailed in concept
  • The pemmPOD has internet connectivity for diagnostics
  • The final piece is the Intelligent Sensor Module or guidePOD
  • All of the above are in the posts under the pemmPOD category

The guidePOD or intelligent sensor module can be attached to the front, sides and the rear of the pemmPOD. This configuration will enable the pemmPOD to turn on cross sections using an intelligent mapping tool driven by GPS. The guidePOD will make the pemmPOD collission proof.

Many interesting options are available for batteries. I recently looked at a paper battery made by impregnating with nano ink in the MIT Tech Review. The thought now is the make the whole chassis as a battery. So it will be a power storage device as well as a component anchoring device.

One of the thoughts this time is to consider the options of having the pemmPOD as a service as opposed to a product. Community citizens would design the configuration of the pemmPOD with city colors or themes. The pemmPOD would roll in on call from an iPhone or iTouch like device. Routes would be set by docking the iPOD with the pemmPOD. Community citizens would be allowed a certain amount of free ride hours on the system. So in essence this would be a service design initiative.

Will continue to update on design features and the scope of the community line following pemmPOD project.

One interesting feature of the pemmPOD is that it can be operated by people of any type of disability or ability as it depends purely on intelligent auto piloting