It was a joy to read about the Copenhagen wheel. Perfect timing for a release. An where can you get a better audience. And look at the branding strategy.

I like this innovation for many reasons.

  • This will trigger other interesting and mind blogging piggyback innovations.
  • It had tremendous exposure and makes a very strong statement at an opportune time.
  • This is led by the young generation and that gives us great hope for the future
  • It is simple, functional, brilliant and I want to have one
  • It is the cousin of my gemPOD and the nephew of my pemmPOD 🙂
  • It keeps us healthy
  • It keeps us informed
  • It keeps us entertained
  • It will create jobs
  • It gives encouragement to the young generation by motivating them for greater things
  • It can be built on existing platforms.
  • It give us alternate transportation
  • It will definitely save energy
  • It is cool
  • It tells us Design Thinking is the way to go

Go ahead, Google Copenhagen Wheel 🙂