The future of University or self education is in Co-Creation and Collaboration.

A lot of what we do today in terms of educational material is found on the web. There are excellent articles on most subjects written by experts in the field. For those willing to tap these tools there is an opportunity to design our own courses and even award ourselves an experience worthy of a bachelors, masters or even a doctorate degree.

I do agree that Google Wave is in its infancy and has quite a way to go. But we can see its potential and look at the future.

Forward looking persons from academia are surely exploring the opportunities for the students in the Wave.

Just imagine, students can play business, engineering or design games, run a virtual company, look at the work done by peers and collaborate in a healthy competitive atmosphere.

Gone will be the days of tests, exams or cramming at the last moment. We will have continuous interaction with written, voice, photographic and video content. Online Wave sessions will closely follow what we do in the business world. That is defining problems, researching methods, base lining conditions, analyzing solutions, choosing the most appropriate for implementation and continuing the process from improvement and innovation.

I invite readers to comment on the pros and cons of this approach.

My continuing efforts will be to explore tools and methods for Wave educational models

It is a new world and let us follow new methods.