Read an interesting article on a partnership between IBM and the City of Salerno in Southern Italy
Quoting the article below

“The city’s management is planning citizen-focused innovations to provide new “intelligence” for existing infrastructure to optimize resources, improve services to citizens and businesses and make the city smarter and more efficient.”

The full text of the article can be viewed on the following link

Normally when I think of a Smart City visions of Smart Grids, high technology, highly innovative transportation methods flash through my mind. However I was pleasantly surprised when I read the following passage in the article.

“The first project aims to overcome architectural barriers to create a special route for the blind from a dedicated parking area to the Verdi Theatre. Smart sensors will be placed in the planking and will interact with smart canes, providing information and prompts on mobile phones, enabling the visually impaired to navigate around potential obstacles.”

Smart City can care and there are many citizens of the world who make it their priority. Obviously this comes with opportunities for entrepreneurs to suggest and implement innovative ideas for Smart Cities. This is what I call an unsolicited proposal. Any one can bid on a known set of objectives. But not all can suggest an innovative set of objectives to the client and get the client get so exited with the prospect that he is able to negotiate a proposal rather than bid one out. I guess this is where Design Thinking comes in.

Go ahead Google IBM Smart City