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Today is our first day into 2010 and the first blog I read compliments of Twitter and smarterplanet is by Joe McKendrick on the last day of 2009.

This made my day. What an interesting concept. Returning to farming with all the surplus Real Estate lying around the USA in places like Detroit and others.

And it is Smart City hi-tech farming using Hydroponic, Aeroponic technology with Compost Heated Green Houses and other neat ways the Citizens of the Smart World are bound to come up with in this media enriched world.

We are talking about opportunities in farming on abandoned high rises, super markets, parking lots, factories and land fills.

We are talking about tapping the vast skills available with product design, manufacturing and service design using a hybrid of Design for Six Sigma and Design Thinking which I have christened as Extended Design Thinking.

Think about having fresh produce grown on the 10th floor piped directly to the super market on the 1st floor using JIT (Just in time) with automated farming product mixes derived from user preferences.

The same building would house wind turbines, solar panels and waste recycling systems. The 2nd floor would have the on demand Smart Transport systems.

Lean seasons at the farm could produce biomass for fuel or oil distillation.

Parks could be designed to produce wind, solar and renewable forms of energy with restaurants serving fresh food produced from park produce.

Look at savings in transportation costs of goods and transmission costs of energy.

What do our readers think about this?

We are talking about turning the recession into an opportunity for growth.