Go ahead Google Nanogenerator





What is a Nanogenerator?

A Nanogenerator transforms kinetic energy into a continuous flow of direct-current (DC) electrical energy. For example it can transform our everyday movements like walking, sitting down, getting up, waving, typing exercising in usable power.

The father of the Nanogenerator is Professor Zhong L Wang at Georgia Tech.

Now that we have the technology, let us see how we can apply it for the Smart City to Self Power.

Let us take a simple Lap Top Computer. It is our work station. However have you seen people at air ports navigate towards a power supply (of which there are not enough to go around) plug-in their adapter, transform 110 V AC to usable DC and surf the web.

Now if we had a nanoGenerator built into out clothing we would have been continually charging our lap top and would never require an external power supply. So, in effect we could be wireless and no losses on transmission of power and as a result savings in energy usage.

Lets us explore how we would use this concept in the Smart City buildings, transports, health facilities, schools, libraries and community?

I would request our readers to give us their suggestions.