Today I was introduced to Fun Theory. Well 2010 will be a great year for me as I explore the applications of this wonderful tool to enrich our every day life.

Watch the excellent videos at the Fun Theory site and Design Think your own

Let me see where we could make this work?

  • In the local gym where I could see how many watts I have generated during my exercise. Of course the watts generated would be displayed as statistics for all to see and establish some healthy competition.
  • You can see how dumping empty cans, bottles is encouraged as shown in the video. Of course the novelty value can be energized by changing the effect on a periodic basis.
  • At your Health Care Provider we could have the receptionist dressed with a theme and help break the ice. I know doctors do this with children to make them comfortable.
  • We could do this at work when we get too serious at a meeting or when we are brain storming. I believe this is part of Tim Brown’s (IDEO) arsenal at presentations.
  • This could be used in factories to encourage best practices.
  • This could be used to build good civic habits.
  • This could be used during exams and tests to encourage creativity.
  • And who knows even at your local DMV office

I am now going to invite readers to let us know of areas where they have successfully used this as well as new ideas.