I have been writing about the technologies to be used in a smart city as well as showing interesting links pertaining to Smart City content.

One of my friends recently asked me a question.

1. Can you name some simple benefits for end customers like me?

2. Where can I find more info on Smart Cities

3. Give me a list of potential applications for Smart cities.

Let me start with the benefits for a Smart City inhabitant.

  • Benefit from a Smart Grid with no black outs, competitive price structure for use of energy during non peak hours, intelligent use and diagnosis with state of the art software, access to Smart Meters. Here is a link to some of my blogs on the subjects. https://dancrissco.wordpress.com/category/smart-city/
  • In a Smart City one could benefit from an optimized traffic control system, on demand or intelligent transportation and even a car less commute.
  • Excellent health care where our health providers will be discussing each other prior to diagnosing and prescribing treatment to our ailments.
  • Excellent Education for children and adults based on state of the art research
  • Close to a crime free society with state of the art emergency response.
  • Intelligent commercial buildings, offices and homes optimized for climate control, maintenance and cost
  • Innovative recreation areas conducive to educating children rather than a ride oriented society
  • Educational entertainment

Here is a link to IBM’s Smart City site


As far as potential application go I believe it is up to us and the sky is the limit.

What do you think?