I got an excellent suggestion from Rewind on how we could use the personal automobile as the ultimate energy provider.

Let us look at our Personal Emotional Mobile ( Google PEMMPOD)

  • It is portable to provide energy at any place
  • It has a large service area to capture solar energy either through solar panels or directly convert the heat into energy and power itself
  • We could go to the top of a hill and get the wind to power a wind generator on top of the car
  • It could be our cooking oven. (Imagine being inside a car on a warm day without air conditioning)
  • It could supply our house with electricity
  • It could charge battery banks at the house and office
  • It can take us places
  • It can be our exercise machine
  • It can generate required energy at the source
  • Gone will be supply lines
  • Gone will be fuel requirements
  • In will be a sustainable economy