We all have dreams.

One of my dreams is to build and live in an International Human Powered Village

Probably not an original thought. It is a Gandhian philosophy.

I do like a few locations where this would work well more because I have lived and worked here and land could be cheap. But any where else would work too

  • State of Florida, USA
  • State of Tamilnadu, India
  • Mid West USA

The areas where I would like to conduct research and practice what we preached in these villages would probably be in

  • A poverty free but simple life
  • Free unlimited online education
  • Car Free Transport
  • Bicycle, Tricycle, Recumbent and derivative oriented transport
  • Human powered systems
  • Energy using Human/Natural Element Powered Systems
  • Free food kitchens with wholesome nutritious food
  • Pollution free production facilities to produce organic daily needs
  • A wireless and pipe less environment
  • Consuming and Converting at source
  • e-governing by all residents
  • Health building activities
  • Practice of natural medicine

How do I go about it?

  • Dream
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Study
  • Correct
  • Sustain

Does it take much?

Probably not. It should be easy

  • Start with a module
  • Build an example
  • The rest will follow

One of these days I will transform this dream with the help of my fellow citizens