Do we really need plumbing?

For example look at the miles of plumbing (piping) you need to get crude from the source to your car?

Or the length of your sewage lines to the treatment facility.

Look at the effort, materials and energy expended in this effort.

So, if you were a Designer, Engineer or Thinker what you do different?

Think about it  and think hard.

Her is what I think

  • Grow food at the source of consumption. More kitchen gardens? Advanced hydroponics? Designer food? Community farms?
  • Water in your back yard. Wells? Ground water? Rain water catchment tanks? humidity absorption?
  • Treat sewage at the source of creation. Designer bacteria? Mini treatment plants? Innovative septic plants?
  • Create energy at the source. Solar Steam Turbine Cars?
  • Education on demand. Wired education direct from source weeding out the middle man.

This is just for starters. More on this with feed back from readers.

We should think more than just doing what we have all these years.

If we dream it we can do it 🙂