Todays world is busting of myths.

Gone are the days of Mentoring, it is the days of Reverse Mentoring

My role models today are the movers and shakers, the young dynamic willing to give all generation.

Blogging and social media including “twitter” has brought me in touch with a lot of interesting people who are the wave of the future and with them I know our future is secure

One such mentor read my blog and gave me some interesting links to look at

  • Jeffrey Sachs/The End of Poverty & the Millenium Project
  • Dr. Willie Mitts
  • Greg Mortenson/Three Cups of Tea

My first comment on going through these links is one of being humbled with the achievements of these great men

Each one of them has shown in various ways

  • It is possible to Build a better world
  • Prove that “If You Can Dream It You Can Do It”
  • It is definitely about a more interesting journey through
  • There are benefactors always willing to help
  • You have the involve the ultimate user at all phases
  • Life will give you its share of surprises
  • The giver learn’s as much from one who is given in the long haul
  • Time is relative and so are budgets and schedules
  • Science should be the basis for design of betterment projects with a good sprinkling of gut feel, charisma, doggedness, integrity, intelligence, good will and a willingness to listen
  • Go out and do your best
  • Look out for opportunity to give back to the world
  • Destiny plays its part

I was of course definitely more attracted to the Dr. Willie Smitts model more because of my training as an engineer.

I love to plan, engineer and look at data and in the process improve and create scalable models which can make me obsolete on one project as I move on to the next.

“Of all things proverbially so in mechanics the supreme excellence is simplicity” James Watt