I am the official grocery cart driver for my wife. She is the ultimate and knowledgeable consumer and I follow her dutifully as she picks up choice produce based on reliability, usability, taste and fair price.

She would probably be an asset to the big supermarket chains.

So, I spend my time observing the other shoppers and studying aspects of the grocery cart.

  • I like pushing Publix carts. They run smooth and are clean.
  • I do not enjoy pushing Sam Club carts. They have wobbly casters. Do they have a Maintenance Strategy ?
  • Sometime when I have heavy loads like water, I like pushing the carts from the opposite side of the handle. That is the side which has the swivel casters. Always wondered why they don’t have handles on both sides. I know, you can’t stack them.
  • Walmart keeps tissue to clean the handles of carts. And I love their carts which will stop at the perimeter line. Always wonder who did invented that. Very ingenious.
  • I always love Targets child carts. Real fancy
  • I love the motorized pushers some of the chains have started adopting. Never really enjoyed watching people strain and push the long cart chain. It was not ergonomic.
  • And then you have the rebels take the carts and leave it on the other side of the city. When will we ever stop doing this?
  • And 9 time out of 10 I will get the wobbly cart in the store.
  • And happiness is pushing my grand son little Daniel in one and watch the wonder in his eyes