Machine Vision Inspection & Real Time SPC are now part and parcel of most modern custom manufacturing automation equipment.

This is an inbuilt tool which will also help us conduct predictive maintenance.

  • Real time run charts act as a process signature for a given set of parameters and machine condition
  • Base line these signatures in chart form in your knowledge base
  • Develop history
  • Compare these signatures with your daily run charts
  • Variations in the charts will point out to equipment wear or change in incoming material specifications.

Typical types of equipment deterioration could include

  • Tracking of belts
  • Belt wear
  • Tool wear and time for re-sharpening
  • Maintenance for printers, lasers
  • Bearing failure
  • Broken components in the system
  • Sensors at point of failure
  • Servo motors at point of failure
  • Tools failing in vision system