Negawatts. What is it?

Quoting from the link

“Negawatts are the ones that don’t get consumed, the energy that is conserved when efficiency is put to work. It is a measure of electricity that is not generated. Negawatts are the cheapest New Energy money can buy.”

UN sees New Energy & “Negawatts” as Keys to Development | NewEnergyNews.

There is an opportunity for all of us. Each one of us could be an entrepreneur and look at ways of saving energy.

At this point I am working on a project with another engineer which converts the simple office work station into a self sustainable unit.

In essence we can have an office of the future where we can use light pipes to light up the office.

The self sustainable work station is self propelled, can go under the light pipes to charge itself as well as use user power by harvesting energy to charge the lap tops, iPads or media players.

The office will be one large hall with no cubicles. Associates will move or congregate depending on the assignments.

Look at the Negawatt gain here!

We not only save energy but save on expensive furnishing which again in an indirect Negawatt gain.