Here is an interesting link to TPM – Total Productive Maintenance.

What is in essence TPM.

TPM is eliminating 6 types of capacity losses

  • Breakdowns
  • Setups and adjustments
  • Reduced speed
  • Minor stoppage
  • Defect and rework
  • Start up loss

In essence TPM should be a part of the equipment design review during the build process in a DFSS initiative.

There are times in the development cycle of custom machine design where we may be more interested in speed and robustness of process and may not dwell in length on SMED philosophies. So, here again SMED should be a part of DFSS.

100% Machine Vision Inspection will help us detect and correct defects at the source.

So the next time you go and write the URS for a Custom Build Project think TPM along with DFSS.