I wanted to share a Service Tool which we can be used as a “Human to Machine Application” in a production environment.

Modern automated manufacturing plants  have a large team of technicians and engineers who maintain highly automated production equipment around the clock.

Each of them can be  given an iPOD Nano to be able to access information as they are servicing or trouble shooting equipment whose down time could run to thousands of dollars per minute.

The iPOD Nano can have  the following information arranged as playlists

  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Calibration Procedures
  • Standard Operating Instructions (SOP’s)
  • Sensor tuning manuals
  • Spare Parts Lists
  • Vendor emergency contact information
  • Equipment Trouble shooting aids

The iPod Nano can be used for

  • Recording audio comments as well as video shots of equipment malfunction.docked at the end of the day to
  • Retrieve updates as well as download observations and service logs.

The iPOD nano is used as an example but iPhones and other Android devices  will work as well.