Toys will always be a part of our lives. I have always been fascinated with toys. The kind you buy as well as the kind you make yourself.

Every year I treat myself to some of the toys you can buy. This year it was a HTC Incredible Android Smart Phone. The fun part is to explore the capabilities of the toy, the free apps and what can you do with it at work.

I am a factory automation engineer among other things. I love new projects and travelling to vendors facilities to test and accept new equipment.

Usually Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) will entail carrying a heavy ring binder or a lap top. This year I am going to try something different.

Maybe I will import the Test Plan into my Android Smart Phone. Here is a list of things I could do to have a very good record of all the “happenings” during the test. All this with free apps from the Android Market Place

  • Record videos of the Test Run
  • Image unusual or alarming conditions
  • Record vocal comments
  • Note down Test Parameters
  • Record Vibration Signatures
  • Record Sound dB levels
  • Check Levels
  • Share data with colleagues on the Cloud
  • Log Test Data
  • Explore equipment manuals with QR codes
  • I am sure readers will find a host of other interesting things to do 🙂

And as Kelsey Grammer say’s in Down Periscope

“I love my Job”

What a great age to be alive and kicking