These blogs are an engineers dream using a blend of Design Thinking and Design for Six Sigma philosophies as well as a foray into Smart Cities.

Design thinkers who have influenced me heavily include Bruce Mau & Tim Brown

I do worship Deming & Juran for their contribution to SPC

My foray into DFSS started when I read Subhir Chowdury’s book on “Design for Six Sigma”

My favorite book is “Glimmer” by Warren Berger and I also serve as a guest blogger at the Glimmer site

My day job which I love very much is developing processes for the manufacturing of medical devices to Six Sigma Standards.

Just migrated from Diabetes Bio-Sensors to Heart Pumps.

I love what I do and play with all the toys technology has to offer

My interest now has gone into social areas including designing of products and services for the blind and visually impaired.

I like hanging out at Wenovski & ReBizz discussing Service Design & Smart Cities

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Please check my entry in the Tech Briefs, Create the Future, Design Contest 2010

Helping the blind and visually impaired to avoid obstacles