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New artificial heart keeps you alive without a pulse | MNN – Mother Nature Network


Of all things proverbially so in mechanics the supreme excellence is simplicity – James Watt.

New artificial heart keeps you alive without a pulse | MNN – Mother Nature Network.


A Preview of “The Wearable Artificial Pancreas Company”

A Preview of “The Wearable Artificial Pancreas Company”.

I live in Fort Lauderdale and did not know of this company to date.

Check out their web site. It is awesome

Every day there are people out there who are dreaming up and building medical devices to benefit mankind.

All that is needs is venture capital to go the next step.

Making Others Dreams Happen – Taking That Gleam In A Visionary’s Eye To Reality

Making dreams happen is a two-fold process

  • The visionaries who dream great ideas and takes the concept to a prototype
  • The pragmatists who take it to market
It always surprises me to see my peers proclaim that a project or an idea is not viable mainly because they don’t understand it
What does it take for a project to succeed?
  • The right resources
  • Reasonable capital
  • A Team who believes that it can be done
  • The right seeds planted and watered
  • Empowerment
  • Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • A willingness to shoot from the hip when required
  • Lending a friendly ear to the soldiers
  • Not shrinking from going back to the drawing board
Creativity is the key
Great solutions come when your back is against the wall
Research and present your strategy for meeting Goals
Get buy in from the Team
Go for it and do not look back

Oriental Hornet: Expert Solar Power Harvester

Oriental Hornet: Expert Solar Power Harvester.

Well, time for some good old Biomimicry

Next step is embedded Oriental Hornets in the human body

Is that a medical device or what?

Check Out NalandaU – Free Virtual University – Time For Enrichment – Power Ball Your Career

Quoting from the site

“NalandaU is a free virtual university with the largest collection of educational videos (6000 hours) in over 300 topics ranging from Quantum mechanics to iPhone programming to business law to running your startup. We are also rolling out a educational platform to connect students and educators where students could get personalized tutoring services for specific lectures they are interested in.”

Check it out and enrich yourself at no cost.

The nice things in this world are free.

Dodrill-GMR Mechanical Heart – GM’s Pioneering Contribution To Medical Devices In 1952

Quoting from the Blog

“In its 100-year history, General Motors has made significant contributions to society extending far beyond the automobile industry. One of these important contributions was the development of the first mechanical heart pump in 1952.”

Looking at the pump is fascinating . Never imagined GM was a company who had a “Heart”, but they did and probably still do.

NIH Fact Sheets – Salivary Diagnostics – Medical Diagnostics Devices in Your Teeth

NIH Fact Sheets – Salivary Diagnostics.

  • Painless Diagnostics
  • Medical Diagnostics Devices Embedded in Teeth
  • Business Opportunity
  • Miniaturization
  • MEMS capability
  • Immediate Feedback
  • And much more