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Future of US Manufacturing. Doris Taylor: Recellularized Human Hearts May be Weeks Away | SENS Foundation

Doris Taylor: Recellularized Human Hearts May be Weeks Away | SENS Foundation.

Will the Universities of the Future  be centers for manufacturing recycled body parts?

Doris Taylor is my new hero.

Why lament about manufacturing going overseas?

We see examples of cutting edge technology unveiled every day in the USA opening opportunity for High Tech manufacturing.

Is it a move from Desk Top to grow your own in your fish tank?

It is mind blowing to think of the future.

Model for implantable artificial kidney to replace dialysis unveiled

ScienceDaily (2010-09-03) — Researchers have unveiled a prototype model of the first implantable artificial kidney, in a development that one day could eliminate the need for dialysis.

Model for implantable artificial kidney to replace dialysis unveiled.

Bio-Printed Blood Vessels with 3D Printer

Organovo is in the news again  with bio-printed blood vessels using their 3D bio-printer

Get one and let your imagination run wild

Injectable Sensors For Wireless Tracking Of Intra-Ocular Pressure For Glaucoma Sufferers

Proactive diagnostics is the name of the game for future health care.

Here is an excellent example for glaucoma sufferers.

Coming to think of it the same can be adapted for industrial equipment as well

You could literally inject or transport sensors to hard to reach areas and have them transmit data for monitoring and analysis for corrective action.

The Cloud, Sensors, Smart Phones and Predictive Diagnostics for Man and Machine

What a combination?

Take the following

  • The Cloud
  • Sensors (Temp, ElectroChemical, Optical, Pressure, Flow, vibration, sound etc.)
  • Smart Phones
  • Apps
  • Engineers and Dreamers

What do you have

  • Input data from sensors
  • Analysis in Apps
  • Storage in the Cloud
  • Diagnostic solutions on your Smart Phone

I believe we are just looking at the tip of the iceberg here.

Go ahead and Google whats happening at Barcelona with TI and ANT


BENG 100: Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering (Spring, 2008) – Itunes University Free Yale Course

Here is a link to a very interesting free Yale course in Biomedical engineering.