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A Preview of “The Wearable Artificial Pancreas Company”

A Preview of “The Wearable Artificial Pancreas Company”.

I live in Fort Lauderdale and did not know of this company to date.

Check out their web site. It is awesome

Every day there are people out there who are dreaming up and building medical devices to benefit mankind.

All that is needs is venture capital to go the next step.


Revisiting Pareto Charts – Process Improvement & Low Hanging Fruit – Instant Gratification

ASQ is a great place to browse and learn. The link above is a concise write up of the power of a Pareto Chart and how the same can be generated in Excel. You could do it with Minitab as well.

My first brush with a Pareto chart was in 2001

My assignment for the week was to increase the yield of a packaging line with a major manufacturer of diabetes bio-sensors.

I walked the line, talked to the operators and talked to one of the engineers

Here is the low down

  • The operators maintained a very clear record of the down time and frequency
  • The data was collected and stored in a database
Went and met the keeper of the database
He was thrilled and mentioned that he was waiting for the day when some one would come in and ask him for the data.
Got the data plugged it into Excel and created a Pareto Chart.
Passed it around the weekly meeting with a smug look
Here are the top hitters
  • Meetings
  • Repairs to literature folder
  • Have communication on the line and reduce wasteful meetings
  • Bring in the literature folder company rep and recondition the system
ROI or is it Return On No Investment?
  • Increase in yield from 75% to 95%
Is that instant gratification or what?
Well since then I have used the Pareto Chart any number of times with success and little effort
Who needs training courses?
Is that LEAN manufacturing or what?

NIH Fact Sheets – Salivary Diagnostics – Medical Diagnostics Devices in Your Teeth

NIH Fact Sheets – Salivary Diagnostics.

  • Painless Diagnostics
  • Medical Diagnostics Devices Embedded in Teeth
  • Business Opportunity
  • Miniaturization
  • MEMS capability
  • Immediate Feedback
  • And much more

Future of US Manufacturing. Doris Taylor: Recellularized Human Hearts May be Weeks Away | SENS Foundation

Doris Taylor: Recellularized Human Hearts May be Weeks Away | SENS Foundation.

Will the Universities of the Future  be centers for manufacturing recycled body parts?

Doris Taylor is my new hero.

Why lament about manufacturing going overseas?

We see examples of cutting edge technology unveiled every day in the USA opening opportunity for High Tech manufacturing.

Is it a move from Desk Top to grow your own in your fish tank?

It is mind blowing to think of the future.

Model for implantable artificial kidney to replace dialysis unveiled

ScienceDaily (2010-09-03) — Researchers have unveiled a prototype model of the first implantable artificial kidney, in a development that one day could eliminate the need for dialysis.

Model for implantable artificial kidney to replace dialysis unveiled.

Bio-Printed Blood Vessels with 3D Printer

Organovo is in the news again  with bio-printed blood vessels using their 3D bio-printer

Get one and let your imagination run wild