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NASA’s Puffin: The Personal Electric Air Vehicle – The New Age Personal Emotional Mobile – Go PuffinPOD

NASA’s Puffin: The Personal Electric Air Vehicle.

One step closer to a personal electric vehicle you can take anywhere.

  • Maybe a city without roads with your Puffin taking off from the terrace
  • Maybe even with an Automatic pilot so that you can be on your iPad as you travel
  • Your local sheriff would own one
  • So would your vermin exterminator
  • Who knows, in India sabji wallahs may hover over your windows in a high rise selling vegetables
  • The puffin may spawn new designs in architecture
  • Your personal grand canyon adventure on a Puffin.
  • Your mail man, Fedex man and friendly UPS man may start using it too
  • Dream on

Revisiting The University Of The Future Under Creative Commons License – Learners TV

From SalKhan to Learners TV we look at the immense amount of free education available online.

Here is the link on Learners TV

Self education is the key to betterment in technology, science and the arts.

I sometimes wonder about the value offered by expensive, time consuming courses offered by universities for working executives.

Real education comes from pursuing areas of applied interest and testing out the theories in our dynamic workplace.


Car Free Cities – An Interesting Option – Should Retirements Communities Adopt this Model

Read all about Car Free Cities. It is a viable and interesting option.

Should retirement communities adopt this model?

Theme Parks of the Future – Educational & Environmentally Conscious

Theme parks have to change. It cant just be a ride oriented park anymore.

The future Theme Park will be educational and environmentally conscious and more of a Science Park

Future City Theme Parks may have the following

  • Children can take all household goods to be recycled
  • Children will get paid for items which they will feed the recycling unit and watch the process as they ride in pedal, electric or solar cars.
  • Children may also be encouraged to bank their recycling dollars
  • Adults may have as much fun as children and will be able to give input into the design of the parks
  • The park will be an evolving model to continue to encourage continuous visits
  • Will have clubs catering to various scientific and cultural interests
  • May be part of the University of the Future
  • May also be part of local communities
  • May house actual local villages populated by real villagers from around the world
  • Food served in the parks will have been grown organically with recycled water
  • City administrators would be housed in the parks
  • Corporate executives nay have their conferences in the parks
  • In short it may be a whole new learning adventure
  • In short crowd sourced ideas may be the name of the game

Six Flags and Disney, are you listening?

Looking at Sustainable Living in Goa with seamless recycling and food production – 1975 (Believe it or not)

I had the good fortune of working for Ravi & Shashi Ruia of Essar fame in the 70’s as a young engineer in Goa, India.

This was one of their earliest ventures in building a mammoth Ore & Oil Handling Terminal in Vasco Da Gama for the Mormugao Port trust.

We worked and played hard. We had some very good Goan friends and traveled into the villages and got a taste for the local life. Also developed a taste for Feni (Cashew fruit liquor)

One of our visits was for a nice Goan lunch with our friends family in enchanting rural Goa.

They had a beautiful Portuguese style villa with walls painted with pictorial stories.  The lunch was heavy and I had to relieve myself. I asked our hosts to show me the rest room and was led to a huge room with a platform and a hole in it.

As soon  as I relieved myself I heard a squeaking noise and saw pigs rush and clean up the waste material. I was scared out of my wits but regained my composure and calmly approached my host and asked them what they did with the pigs.

He calmly replied that now and then they would slaughter them for food and the lunch we had was one which had been slaughtered the week before.

They had an elegant sewage disposal system and the waste was recycled into food

I have always pondered this and told this story many times to an unbelieving audience.

But looking back it does make sense in terms of total seamless recycling and sustainable living 🙂

I did tell my mom about this and she muttered something about tape worms

What do my readers think?

Free or Affordable Health Care with Predictive Modelling for the Future City

My passion has always been usage of existing knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

Why do we have to pay for techniques and knowledge which is in the public domain? Particularly if we are in that segment of the population which cannot afford it due to economic circumstances.

We all know in today’s economy in the USA it is a fine line from feast to famine for a working professional.

Sam Basta always posts excellent videos and blogs on some great thoughts, ideas and breakthrough improvements made in the health care system.

This is a must see video. It shows us how progressive employers like CISCO look at health care for their employees.

Let us take this concept a little further. We all know the value of Pro Bono work for all professions.

This is an opportunity for the health care professional to take affordable or free health care to those who cannot afford it.

This concept can work for all professions and industries. There is a need for diagnosis in the engineering, manufacturing, finance and services.