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Making Others Dreams Happen – Taking That Gleam In A Visionary’s Eye To Reality

Making dreams happen is a two-fold process

  • The visionaries who dream great ideas and takes the concept to a prototype
  • The pragmatists who take it to market
It always surprises me to see my peers proclaim that a project or an idea is not viable mainly because they don’t understand it
What does it take for a project to succeed?
  • The right resources
  • Reasonable capital
  • A Team who believes that it can be done
  • The right seeds planted and watered
  • Empowerment
  • Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • A willingness to shoot from the hip when required
  • Lending a friendly ear to the soldiers
  • Not shrinking from going back to the drawing board
Creativity is the key
Great solutions come when your back is against the wall
Research and present your strategy for meeting Goals
Get buy in from the Team
Go for it and do not look back

Lessons for Modern Day Engineers – Be a Master of more than One and Jack of Many

A modern day engineer has to be versatile.

Quoting Robert Anson Heinlein

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

For example a Mechanical Engineer in a Manufacturing Company has to be versatile in CAD, PLC Programming, exhibit a high level of computer literacy, know programming languages, understand Servos, Motion Control, Design for Sigma principles, LEAN manufacturing, LabView, Machine Vision, Project Management, good presentation and people skills, be able to make capital requests and understand budgeting.

It is a competitive world and companies prefer engineers who can wear many hats. It is also professionally enriching to cross train on other disciplines as it makes for a very interesting journey and more control over ones projects.

There is so much free information available nowadays in the world wide web and it is very easy to get the required training at little or no cost.

Engineers can also empower themselves by using new techniques and principles in their day to day projects and employers will actually encourage it as long as regular project continue to move.

We are it!

Theme Parks of the Future – Educational & Environmentally Conscious

Theme parks have to change. It cant just be a ride oriented park anymore.

The future Theme Park will be educational and environmentally conscious and more of a Science Park

Future City Theme Parks may have the following

  • Children can take all household goods to be recycled
  • Children will get paid for items which they will feed the recycling unit and watch the process as they ride in pedal, electric or solar cars.
  • Children may also be encouraged to bank their recycling dollars
  • Adults may have as much fun as children and will be able to give input into the design of the parks
  • The park will be an evolving model to continue to encourage continuous visits
  • Will have clubs catering to various scientific and cultural interests
  • May be part of the University of the Future
  • May also be part of local communities
  • May house actual local villages populated by real villagers from around the world
  • Food served in the parks will have been grown organically with recycled water
  • City administrators would be housed in the parks
  • Corporate executives nay have their conferences in the parks
  • In short it may be a whole new learning adventure
  • In short crowd sourced ideas may be the name of the game

Six Flags and Disney, are you listening?

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & the Evolution of Cities

Excellent article by

Irving Wladawsky-Berger on why is it that only a few cities and regions around the world have become successful innovation hubs, even though many have tried?

The Copenhagen Wheel for the Senior Citizen pemmPOD

I recently read about a very neat motorized bike hub from MIT.

The gave rise to some lateral thoughts for outfitting the pemmPOD with this motorized hub. The idea is to have a 3 wheeler version of the pemmPOD for senior citizens and the visually impaired. Lets call this the goldenyearsPOD

This would be perfect for a senior citizen complex like Kingspoint in Tamarac, Florida to use as an example but would have applications all over the country. Florida is sunny throughout the year to warrant the solar panels

Lets look at specifications.

  • Inkjetted Solar panels integrated with a capacitor pack
  • 3 wheels
  • Pedal power
  • Battery assist with capacitors optional
  • MIT motorized hub
  • Air bag chassis
  • guidePOD optional for line following
  • iPOD & iPhone enabled
  • Optional nano ink impregnated battery pack chassis
  • Optional PC
  • Optional monitor
  • Optional media station
  • Optional wi-fi
  • Optional auto navigation
  • Optional castor wheel in front

Lets prototype 🙂

Virtual Christmas Trees

It is the Christmas season. Time to go out, cut a tree and get it installed at home and decorated.
Or get the good old artificial and and deck it up.
Reminds me of trying to make a Christmas tree look like a palm tree during my sojourn in the desert lands in the 80’s
I thought it was cool but the wife and kids were not too impressed with dad’s efforts.
But , I do remember when we tried outlandish themes as kids at home, mom was always impressed.
Looks it it has to do with the audience.
Can we have virtual Christmas tree using Holography
Checked out a link to educate myself of Holography
The dream is to have a Virtual Christmas tree tied to the web
Friends can can gift you ornaments which if you accepted would latch on to the virtual tree
Greetings would also be done the same way
You could have your design changed on a daily basis for variety as well
Now, would this help the environment in any way
Would this enhance out lives in any way?
Would kids love it.
Sure, if they could play games on it chasing reindeer or even getting virtual gifts from Santa
I also read about a Hologram you could touch 🙂
Would we then have virtual habitats, furniture, cars and what not
I am sure that someone, some where is on the way to making it happen
Till then I will probably try to make one like a coconut tree in Florida and incur the wrath of family 🙂
Merry Christmas to all my friends in the WordPress family. A little early though, but I just could not let this thought on virtual Christmas trees go by without blogging it.