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NASA’s Puffin: The Personal Electric Air Vehicle – The New Age Personal Emotional Mobile – Go PuffinPOD

NASA’s Puffin: The Personal Electric Air Vehicle.

One step closer to a personal electric vehicle you can take anywhere.

  • Maybe a city without roads with your Puffin taking off from the terrace
  • Maybe even with an Automatic pilot so that you can be on your iPad as you travel
  • Your local sheriff would own one
  • So would your vermin exterminator
  • Who knows, in India sabji wallahs may hover over your windows in a high rise selling vegetables
  • The puffin may spawn new designs in architecture
  • Your personal grand canyon adventure on a Puffin.
  • Your mail man, Fedex man and friendly UPS man may start using it too
  • Dream on

Tech Briefs – Create the Future Design Contest 2010 – Make your dreams come true!

We all have our dreams on making our ideas be known to the world.

We can blog about it, design it , talk about it and ultimately enter it in a contest.It is easier than you think.

All that you need are a couple of illustrations in your favorite artistic medium and a concise write-up in 500 words. There are some simple rules to follow.

You can enter in all six categories

  • Consumer Products
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Medical Products
  • Safety & Security
  • Sustainable Technologies
  • Transportation

Here is the link

Well, I have been having fun submitting my entries.

If you have time check them out and the others for inspiration.

The following link is on an aid for the blind and visually impaired.

This is on a hybrid Solar EV which can also serve as an office work station

The next is on an Energy Harvester using a Universal Generator to capture human motion into usable energy.

I am quoting below from the site on “Tips for Entrants”

The best entries clearly and concisely answer all of the following questions and are accompanied by an illustration that complements and illuminates the text:

  • What problem does your design idea solve?
  • What are the potential benefits?
  • How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
  • Where would this idea be applied?
  • What is the market potential?
  • How does your design work?
  • How would your product be manufactured?
  • How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?

The best design ideas will:

  • Improve quality of life
  • Automate tedious tasks
  • Prevent or reduce injuries
  • Improve public safety and security
  • Save time and money
  • Offer alternative energy solutions
  • Reduce consumption of natural resources
  • Lead to other product improvements

Happy designing!