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How do you introduce a small business to process improvement?

How do you introduce a small business enterprise to process improvement?

Here is a nuts and bolts approach as a starting point by teaching them how to fish.

Excellent simple 34 points.


Smart City Building using Fun Theory

Today I was introduced to Fun Theory. Well 2010 will be a great year for me as I explore the applications of this wonderful tool to enrich our every day life.

Watch the excellent videos at the Fun Theory site and Design Think your own

Let me see where we could make this work?

  • In the local gym where I could see how many watts I have generated during my exercise. Of course the watts generated would be displayed as statistics for all to see and establish some healthy competition.
  • You can see how dumping empty cans, bottles is encouraged as shown in the video. Of course the novelty value can be energized by changing the effect on a periodic basis.
  • At your Health Care Provider we could have the receptionist dressed with a theme and help break the ice. I know doctors do this with children to make them comfortable.
  • We could do this at work when we get too serious at a meeting or when we are brain storming. I believe this is part of Tim Brown’s (IDEO) arsenal at presentations.
  • This could be used in factories to encourage best practices.
  • This could be used to build good civic habits.
  • This could be used during exams and tests to encourage creativity.
  • And who knows even at your local DMV office

I am now going to invite readers to let us know of areas where they have successfully used this as well as new ideas.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & the Evolution of Cities

Excellent article by

Irving Wladawsky-Berger on why is it that only a few cities and regions around the world have become successful innovation hubs, even though many have tried?

To Blog or not to Blog or where to Blog

Blogging is one of the natural extensions of an age old hobby, “Arm Chair Dreaming”.

I always like to see what Wikipedia says about Blog

Blogging is educational both to self and others depending on the content.

Blogging starts at your own site like WordPress. One can draft, understand, correct, revise, edit and in one irrational moment Publish for the world at large to see you without the shroud.

As one gains confidence, one ventures to comment on other sites and links to ones own blogs at WordPress. Happiness is looking at the Blog Stats and the links from where viewers emanate.

Next stage is Blogging as a guest on other sites. Some sites will moderate your Blog while some sites will allow you to post without moderation.

The first thought for a rookie Blogger is what do I publish about? What will people think of my Blogs? My inspiraton to Blogging is Penelope Trunk.

For me Blog inspirations have come while I am driving to work, Ballroom Dancing, listening to a lecture, when I am having a not so good experience in a mall, grocery store or a bank.

Call it lateral thinking but so many of the daily events can trigger a Blog.

Next to Ballroom Dancing, Blogging is one of the cleanest, safest, most economical and enriching hobbies one can ever have.

With Blogging one can mentor, be reverse mentored, have lateral thoughts and fine tune the skills of a Design Thinker

One can live like a T or learn how to live like one

For instance Blogging led me to Daniel H Pink and his lecture on Motivation as well as his new book Drive.

In one of his lectures Dan Pink talk about “Brevity, Levity & Repetition”

These are beautiful words which trigger us right away for a Blog.

I am in so many meetings at work. The Team members want a brief introduction to our Goal, appreciate moments of light hearted banter to cut the ice and like the deliverables to be repeated, repeated and repeated. This is in essence the secret of many official meeting we may have and will get results. Be it with internal and external clients, peers and mentors.

I would encourage all of us to Blog. We all have a lot to offer. Blogging helps to bring this dormant knowledge to the surface. Believe me, people will read it at some point, comment on it and enrich the community.

Last but not least read the Blogs of others to look at best practices.

Successful blogs take time but you will get there. It is like the successful Tatooist and his band of mutilated sailors 🙂