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Revisiting Harnessing Energy Expended by People

Here are some links to earlier blogs on harnessing energy expended by people.

I have seen quite a number of interesting ways people around the world have found to harness this wasted energy. There have been a plethora of new products which convert the motion generated by people into usable energy.

What I have not seen are kits which can retrofit existing products or structures to convert the lost motion.

For example how about a kit which you can install on a revolving or sliding door with a docking station to charge you iPhone or iPod

This is a fertile area where once could suggest ideas and even submit to the various contests with free 3D CAD software.

Ready for some dreaming?


Meru Prison Human Waste Biogas Plant


Quoting from the source

“The main objective of this project was to use the prisoners’ waste to produce biogas that could be used as cooking fuel and cut down the cost incurred in buying of firewood initially used as fuel to cook for the prisoners.”

Find out more about it from the following link

Human Waste as an Alternative Energy Source

Quoting from the source

“With all of the news buzz these days around renewable energies such as solar and wind power, even harnessing the energy of ocean waves, one often neglected energy source is right under our noses, so to speak: human waste. It may not be as appealing or pleasant as the alternatives, but energy generation from human waste could be the most important of all”

Find out more about it in the following link

Renewables and Grid Integration Needs Smarter Thinking | Renewable Energy World

Renewables and Grid Integration Needs Smarter Thinking | Renewable Energy World.

Lowering Nations Energy Bill by $700 billion – McKinsey must read

Like Energy Secretary Chu says, there is definitely opportunity every where for lowering energy costs.

Hot Rock Power

Read about another interesting under utilized power source.

  • Hot Rocks

Well the ancients cooked on hot rocks.

Fried eggs any one?