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Solar Hats to Power Ourselves and the World

I am all for generating power at the source of consumption. My las blog was on an MIT article on the US doubling Solar Power generation in 2011.

The article shows a mirror farm concentrating the suns rays on a tower and generating electricity. The brings me to an idea. Why not design a Solar Hat using the same concept.

  • The hat would be made of miniature mirrors
  • The mirrors would concentrate the suns rays on a fine heat absorbing tube
  • The water in the tube would heat and be converted into steam
  • The steam would drive an engine or a turbine
  • The engine or turbine could power a generator
  • The generator would power the motors of the exoskeleton
  • Well would be one big hat (head)for the Exoskeleton 🙂

Who knows where we could go from here?


Check out initiative on Clean Tech manuf

Check out initiative on Clean Tech manufacturing Jobs.

SIN Numbers for Solar Panels – Turning problems into opportunity


Did anyone know there was a black market for Solar Panels. Obviously there are entreprenuers who have found a lucrative market in helping themselves to Solar Panels from defenseless owners like wineries.

As usual innovative entrepreneurs have turned this problem into an opportunity by building Solar Security Systems.

There is a move to create a Solar Registry to keep track of Solar Panels in use in the country.

Well how about having a tracking chip embedded into the Solar Panel with GPS and an addressable node.

Lets look at the advantages. This chip could function like a SIN Number (no pun intended) as well as allow tracking the location of the Solar Panel for automated positioning and achieve optimum efficiency depending on its location on the globe.

There will always be thieves waiting to prey on the gullible and there will always be the Good Samaritans ready to provide deterrents and in the process profit form the venture legitimately.

Smart Cities here we come.