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Oriental Hornet: Expert Solar Power Harvester

Oriental Hornet: Expert Solar Power Harvester.

Well, time for some good old Biomimicry

Next step is embedded Oriental Hornets in the human body

Is that a medical device or what?


Energy Harvesting – Free Power From Thermal, Kinetic & Solar Energy

Do you have an idea to harvest energy from Thermal, Kinetic & Solar Energy?

Check out this site from Linear Technology

Look at the case studies and ask for free samples to test out your theories.

Make the world self sufficient in energy one person at a time.

Women Solar Entrepreneurs Transforming Bangladesh | Renewable Energy World

Women Solar Entrepreneurs Transforming Bangladesh | Renewable Energy World.

Parabolic Solar Reflectors – Around the World in Sun

Using energy at the source has always been my pet dream

Noting like using the sun directly as an energy source

Excellent information on Parabolic Solar Reflectors around the world by Dr. Ashok Kundapur

Dr. Kundapur talks about 3 types of parabolic construction

(i) Shallow parabolas, where the focus is outside the rim of the reflector,

(ii) Asymmetrical parabolas, which are partial parabolas, and

(iii) Deep parabolas, where the focus is within the rim of the reflector

Quite an interesting variety with quite some variations.

Check it out, you may want to build your own.

Using extreme conditions to the advantage of the world

We have extreme conditions in the world

  • Hurricanes
  • Excessive Rain
  • Storms
  • Fires
  • Excessive snow
  • Floods
  • Volcano’s
  • Earthquakes
  • Winds
  • Excessive heat

Our predictive technologies are extremely accurate at this point to pinpoint exact locations ahead of time

Can we use these natural extremes to benefit the world?

Can we have towable, floatable or air-liftable structure which can convert this extreme natural energy into storable usable energy?

A few thoughts on these

  • Flying, floating or wheeled  wind farms
  • Ditto the same for Solar Farms
  • Floating tidal power generator barges?
  • Gigantic steam turbines powered off forest fires
  • Novel energy generators from the excessive snow

I am sure some, somewhere is already working on these to bring it to the world someday

Solar Hats to Power Ourselves and the World

I am all for generating power at the source of consumption. My las blog was on an MIT article on the US doubling Solar Power generation in 2011.

The article shows a mirror farm concentrating the suns rays on a tower and generating electricity. The brings me to an idea. Why not design a Solar Hat using the same concept.

  • The hat would be made of miniature mirrors
  • The mirrors would concentrate the suns rays on a fine heat absorbing tube
  • The water in the tube would heat and be converted into steam
  • The steam would drive an engine or a turbine
  • The engine or turbine could power a generator
  • The generator would power the motors of the exoskeleton
  • Well would be one big hat (head)for the Exoskeleton 🙂

Who knows where we could go from here?

Career Opportunity in Solar (Mirror) Power

Recently read an article in the MIT Tech Review on the US doubling our Solar market next year. I am all for solar power in what ever form or fashion. Now if the industry is doubling my optimistic mind looks at an opportunity for employment for our unemployed.

The article shows a picture of a Solar Power Plant using mirrors to concentrate the rays of the sun on a tower to produce electricity. I am assuming it would be heating water to convert into steam which would drive a turbo generator and in the process generate electricity. I always marvel at the ideas generated by my fellow humans which make the world a more interesting place.

This bring me to talking about maintenance. How will these mirrors be maintained?Would we need to have an army of mirror polishers to keep the mirror farm running in peak efficiency. Or would we have self cleaning mirrors like the self cleaning ovens at home? And would it be an opportunity for employment?

On another front I have always like to generate power at the source. Could we have a Personal Mobile running on mirrors and steam? Why even bother to convert steam to electricity? I am sure some one some where is already dreaming and willing this concept into happening.

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