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Using extreme conditions to the advantage of the world

We have extreme conditions in the world

  • Hurricanes
  • Excessive Rain
  • Storms
  • Fires
  • Excessive snow
  • Floods
  • Volcano’s
  • Earthquakes
  • Winds
  • Excessive heat

Our predictive technologies are extremely accurate at this point to pinpoint exact locations ahead of time

Can we use these natural extremes to benefit the world?

Can we have towable, floatable or air-liftable structure which can convert this extreme natural energy into storable usable energy?

A few thoughts on these

  • Flying, floating or wheeled  wind farms
  • Ditto the same for Solar Farms
  • Floating tidal power generator barges?
  • Gigantic steam turbines powered off forest fires
  • Novel energy generators from the excessive snow

I am sure some, somewhere is already working on these to bring it to the world someday


Solar Hats to Power Ourselves and the World

I am all for generating power at the source of consumption. My las blog was on an MIT article on the US doubling Solar Power generation in 2011.

The article shows a mirror farm concentrating the suns rays on a tower and generating electricity. The brings me to an idea. Why not design a Solar Hat using the same concept.

  • The hat would be made of miniature mirrors
  • The mirrors would concentrate the suns rays on a fine heat absorbing tube
  • The water in the tube would heat and be converted into steam
  • The steam would drive an engine or a turbine
  • The engine or turbine could power a generator
  • The generator would power the motors of the exoskeleton
  • Well would be one big hat (head)for the Exoskeleton 🙂

Who knows where we could go from here?

Career Opportunity in Solar (Mirror) Power

Recently read an article in the MIT Tech Review on the US doubling our Solar market next year. I am all for solar power in what ever form or fashion. Now if the industry is doubling my optimistic mind looks at an opportunity for employment for our unemployed.

The article shows a picture of a Solar Power Plant using mirrors to concentrate the rays of the sun on a tower to produce electricity. I am assuming it would be heating water to convert into steam which would drive a turbo generator and in the process generate electricity. I always marvel at the ideas generated by my fellow humans which make the world a more interesting place.

This bring me to talking about maintenance. How will these mirrors be maintained?Would we need to have an army of mirror polishers to keep the mirror farm running in peak efficiency. Or would we have self cleaning mirrors like the self cleaning ovens at home? And would it be an opportunity for employment?

On another front I have always like to generate power at the source. Could we have a Personal Mobile running on mirrors and steam? Why even bother to convert steam to electricity? I am sure some one some where is already dreaming and willing this concept into happening.

Reference :

Eradicating Poverty – Maybe easier than we think

I have been blogging on Smart Cars, Grids, Buildings, Health and cities.

Now that I come to think of it, it may be better to devote our resources to eradicating poverty.

Lets see, what the the minimum requirements for a person who is living in poverty to go to the next level.

  • Nutritious food
  • Clothing
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Interesting work
  • Comfortable habitat
  • Reasonable means to commute


  • Nutritious food cooked at home can be really low in cost
  • We have the know how to design extremely balanced meals from readily available produce in all parts of the world.
  • We have the knowhow for creating community kitchens with Solar Power.
  • Example Auroville’s Solar Kitchen
  • We have the technology to grow produce even in cities from lessons learned from Smart Farming technologies for communal kitchens


  • Good strong functional clothing can be manufactured at low cost
  • Strong wearing textiles can be developed

Health care

  • With nutritious food people will have better health
  • New regenerative cures can be developed at lower cost eliminating costly surgeries
  • Online databases could have expert systems dole out medical care


  • Excellent free education is available and more can be developed
  • We have an untapped resource in the Social Media to create more free educational resources

Interesting Work

  • Social networks can come up with innovative means to create interesting work
  • Most activities in the process of eradicating poverty will feed on itself to creat additional opportunity
  • Free online education will give quality education to the masses and the ripple effect will be creation of innovative services for gainful employment

Comfortable Habitat

  • Technology is available for building mass produced comfortable habitats
  • Design thinkers will donate their time to create interesting sustaining designs
  • Communities can donate the required land
  • Most city planning can be done online by all of us


  • This is a great opportunity for creating pedal power products
  • Solar energy can be used here to the fullest extent

All this does not have to ask for funds from government agencies

This can be done with people power

Community by community one at a time

Let us dream about it and achieve it

Brand New Future of Servicing of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are in. Very soon the roads will be flooded with economical personal transport. Electric Vehicles do not have to be serviced as frequently as the present internal combustion engined mobiles. Looks like the recommended frequency will be at least a year.

Now, I know dealers will try and get creative to get servicing to be a lucrative deal.

This is not going to happen with the predominance of social media. There will be a brand new way for servicing .

  • Faulty Modules will be exchanged for factory reconditioned modules.
  • There will b no such thing as a labor charge
  • There will be a fixed price including replacement by robots
  • Most problems can be diagnosed by wireless internet on a real time basis
  • Most components will be interchangeable between different makers
  • Online databases will keep track of changes
  • Online databases will give instant quotes on replacement items
  • Customers can also upgrade new module rather than change the whole mobile
  • Software changes to tablet PC’s can be downloaded for enhancements

Let me see what suggestions come from our readers

Smart City Building using Fun Theory

Today I was introduced to Fun Theory. Well 2010 will be a great year for me as I explore the applications of this wonderful tool to enrich our every day life.

Watch the excellent videos at the Fun Theory site and Design Think your own

Let me see where we could make this work?

  • In the local gym where I could see how many watts I have generated during my exercise. Of course the watts generated would be displayed as statistics for all to see and establish some healthy competition.
  • You can see how dumping empty cans, bottles is encouraged as shown in the video. Of course the novelty value can be energized by changing the effect on a periodic basis.
  • At your Health Care Provider we could have the receptionist dressed with a theme and help break the ice. I know doctors do this with children to make them comfortable.
  • We could do this at work when we get too serious at a meeting or when we are brain storming. I believe this is part of Tim Brown’s (IDEO) arsenal at presentations.
  • This could be used in factories to encourage best practices.
  • This could be used to build good civic habits.
  • This could be used during exams and tests to encourage creativity.
  • And who knows even at your local DMV office

I am now going to invite readers to let us know of areas where they have successfully used this as well as new ideas.

Smart Farms for Smart Cities – Turn the American recession into an opportunity

Reference :

Today is our first day into 2010 and the first blog I read compliments of Twitter and smarterplanet is by Joe McKendrick on the last day of 2009.

This made my day. What an interesting concept. Returning to farming with all the surplus Real Estate lying around the USA in places like Detroit and others.

And it is Smart City hi-tech farming using Hydroponic, Aeroponic technology with Compost Heated Green Houses and other neat ways the Citizens of the Smart World are bound to come up with in this media enriched world.

We are talking about opportunities in farming on abandoned high rises, super markets, parking lots, factories and land fills.

We are talking about tapping the vast skills available with product design, manufacturing and service design using a hybrid of Design for Six Sigma and Design Thinking which I have christened as Extended Design Thinking.

Think about having fresh produce grown on the 10th floor piped directly to the super market on the 1st floor using JIT (Just in time) with automated farming product mixes derived from user preferences.

The same building would house wind turbines, solar panels and waste recycling systems. The 2nd floor would have the on demand Smart Transport systems.

Lean seasons at the farm could produce biomass for fuel or oil distillation.

Parks could be designed to produce wind, solar and renewable forms of energy with restaurants serving fresh food produced from park produce.

Look at savings in transportation costs of goods and transmission costs of energy.

What do our readers think about this?

We are talking about turning the recession into an opportunity for growth.