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Solar Hats to Power Ourselves and the World

I am all for generating power at the source of consumption. My las blog was on an MIT article on the US doubling Solar Power generation in 2011.

The article shows a mirror farm concentrating the suns rays on a tower and generating electricity. The brings me to an idea. Why not design a Solar Hat using the same concept.

  • The hat would be made of miniature mirrors
  • The mirrors would concentrate the suns rays on a fine heat absorbing tube
  • The water in the tube would heat and be converted into steam
  • The steam would drive an engine or a turbine
  • The engine or turbine could power a generator
  • The generator would power the motors of the exoskeleton
  • Well would be one big hat (head)for the Exoskeleton 🙂

Who knows where we could go from here?


Career Opportunity in Solar (Mirror) Power

Recently read an article in the MIT Tech Review on the US doubling our Solar market next year. I am all for solar power in what ever form or fashion. Now if the industry is doubling my optimistic mind looks at an opportunity for employment for our unemployed.

The article shows a picture of a Solar Power Plant using mirrors to concentrate the rays of the sun on a tower to produce electricity. I am assuming it would be heating water to convert into steam which would drive a turbo generator and in the process generate electricity. I always marvel at the ideas generated by my fellow humans which make the world a more interesting place.

This bring me to talking about maintenance. How will these mirrors be maintained?Would we need to have an army of mirror polishers to keep the mirror farm running in peak efficiency. Or would we have self cleaning mirrors like the self cleaning ovens at home? And would it be an opportunity for employment?

On another front I have always like to generate power at the source. Could we have a Personal Mobile running on mirrors and steam? Why even bother to convert steam to electricity? I am sure some one some where is already dreaming and willing this concept into happening.

Reference :

Brand New Future of Servicing of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are in. Very soon the roads will be flooded with economical personal transport. Electric Vehicles do not have to be serviced as frequently as the present internal combustion engined mobiles. Looks like the recommended frequency will be at least a year.

Now, I know dealers will try and get creative to get servicing to be a lucrative deal.

This is not going to happen with the predominance of social media. There will be a brand new way for servicing .

  • Faulty Modules will be exchanged for factory reconditioned modules.
  • There will b no such thing as a labor charge
  • There will be a fixed price including replacement by robots
  • Most problems can be diagnosed by wireless internet on a real time basis
  • Most components will be interchangeable between different makers
  • Online databases will keep track of changes
  • Online databases will give instant quotes on replacement items
  • Customers can also upgrade new module rather than change the whole mobile
  • Software changes to tablet PC’s can be downloaded for enhancements

Let me see what suggestions come from our readers

Smart Transport for a Smart City – IBM’s 2010 Prediction # 3 – A Case for on Demand Transport Modules

Reference article:

Quoting below IBM’s prediction # 3 (out of 5) on innovations that will change cities in the next 5 years

Cars and city buses will run on empty
For the first time, the “E” on gas gauges will mean “enough.” Increasingly, cars and city buses no longer will rely on fossil fuels. Vehicles will begin to run on new battery technology that won’t need to be recharged for days or months at a time, depending on how often you drive. IBM scientists and partners are working to design new batteries that will make it possible for electric vehicles to travel 300 to 500 miles on a single charge, up from 50 to 100 miles currently. Also, smart grids in cities could enable cars to be charged in public places and use renewable energy, such as wind power, for charging so they no longer rely on coal-powered plants. This will lower emissions as well as minimize noise pollution. IBM and the Denmark-based EDISON research consortium are developing an intelligent infrastructure to enable the large scale adoption of electric vehicles powered by sustainable energy.

This is what I would like to add to enhance the concepts detailed by IBM.

Let us convert all Smart City Transportation to On Demand Modules. Let me explain this concept. Each type of transportation module (be it a 1,2,3 , 4 or 8 wheeler or even a levitated no wheeler) will be an addressable node on the grid.

We will be able to do the following with the module

  • Diagnostics for equipment failure to optimize uptime
  • Remote guidance using GPS, Smart Sensors and rickshawWallah (software concept to be detailed below)
  • City residents can use their cell phone to have on demand service
  • Address sub components for maintenance and repair

rickshawWallah  (software)

  • This runs on a cell phone
  • User has to register with service using residential address, office address and other touch points as required
  • User will have Transport Insurance and will have a nominal copay per use billed automatically through cell phone number.
  • Software will help user schedule trips and give running stats on time of arrival etc.
  • Software will schedule the transport using GPS and embedded nails on roadways

Advantages of on Demand Transport

  • Optimize power use by sizing transport to demand (Smart Transport)
  • Essentially this will work like a Smart Grid
  • Optimize resources so that the City does not have to build the system to cater to peak load but can intelligently establish an average load by rescheduling schools, offices and others.

What we will ultimately have is a completely automated transport system running on renewable energy sources as well as being a profit generating center.

The system will be usable by both enabled and disabled city residents.

Of course a lot of this will breed development of intelligent software and hardware which in turn will increase the economic prosperity of the city, community and country.

Copenhagen Wheel – Timing, audience & branding

It was a joy to read about the Copenhagen wheel. Perfect timing for a release. An where can you get a better audience. And look at the branding strategy.

I like this innovation for many reasons.

  • This will trigger other interesting and mind blogging piggyback innovations.
  • It had tremendous exposure and makes a very strong statement at an opportune time.
  • This is led by the young generation and that gives us great hope for the future
  • It is simple, functional, brilliant and I want to have one
  • It is the cousin of my gemPOD and the nephew of my pemmPOD 🙂
  • It keeps us healthy
  • It keeps us informed
  • It keeps us entertained
  • It will create jobs
  • It gives encouragement to the young generation by motivating them for greater things
  • It can be built on existing platforms.
  • It give us alternate transportation
  • It will definitely save energy
  • It is cool
  • It tells us Design Thinking is the way to go

Go ahead, Google Copenhagen Wheel 🙂

Looks like the gemPOD is the cousin of the Copenhagen Wheel

I was just going over the specs of the pemmPOD and the gemPOD. Looks like the gemPOD is the cousin of the Copenhagen MIT wheel Hub. The Copenhagen wheel I am sure will drive a lot of lateral designs. My kudos to the MIT team for making a very strong statement at Copenhagen. The sky is the limit for innovation.

Did the MIT team use Design Thinking. It would be nice to know what drove this grat innovative product?

The Copenhagen Wheel for the Senior Citizen pemmPOD

I recently read about a very neat motorized bike hub from MIT.

The gave rise to some lateral thoughts for outfitting the pemmPOD with this motorized hub. The idea is to have a 3 wheeler version of the pemmPOD for senior citizens and the visually impaired. Lets call this the goldenyearsPOD

This would be perfect for a senior citizen complex like Kingspoint in Tamarac, Florida to use as an example but would have applications all over the country. Florida is sunny throughout the year to warrant the solar panels

Lets look at specifications.

  • Inkjetted Solar panels integrated with a capacitor pack
  • 3 wheels
  • Pedal power
  • Battery assist with capacitors optional
  • MIT motorized hub
  • Air bag chassis
  • guidePOD optional for line following
  • iPOD & iPhone enabled
  • Optional nano ink impregnated battery pack chassis
  • Optional PC
  • Optional monitor
  • Optional media station
  • Optional wi-fi
  • Optional auto navigation
  • Optional castor wheel in front

Lets prototype 🙂