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Theme Parks of the Future – Educational & Environmentally Conscious

Theme parks have to change. It cant just be a ride oriented park anymore.

The future Theme Park will be educational and environmentally conscious and more of a Science Park

Future City Theme Parks may have the following

  • Children can take all household goods to be recycled
  • Children will get paid for items which they will feed the recycling unit and watch the process as they ride in pedal, electric or solar cars.
  • Children may also be encouraged to bank their recycling dollars
  • Adults may have as much fun as children and will be able to give input into the design of the parks
  • The park will be an evolving model to continue to encourage continuous visits
  • Will have clubs catering to various scientific and cultural interests
  • May be part of the University of the Future
  • May also be part of local communities
  • May house actual local villages populated by real villagers from around the world
  • Food served in the parks will have been grown organically with recycled water
  • City administrators would be housed in the parks
  • Corporate executives nay have their conferences in the parks
  • In short it may be a whole new learning adventure
  • In short crowd sourced ideas may be the name of the game

Six Flags and Disney, are you listening?


Virtual Worlds – Applications for automated manufacturing lines – Making American Manufacturing Competitive Again

This article on the applications for virtual worlds in industry has been inspired by Irving Wladawsky-Berger.

You can view his articles at

The best way to understand it is to enjoy a visit to The Forbidden City by registering at the link given below, downloading the application and literally playing with it.

This is a user interactive virtual tour of the Forbidden City and an introduction to how we could set up a Virtual World Application

This technology would be a great tool to model an automated factory where we could

  • Build training applications to simulate the factory and its day to day operations.
  • Use to hire staff and conduct interviews in an interactive environment
  • Model the equipment with it and simulate the actual operation
  • Simulate faults and train personnel on trouble shooting
  • Use to monitor the running of the equipment
  • Use to predict malfunctioning as well as lead us to root cause
  • Run quality programs
  • Use Design for Six Sigma & Design Thinking methodologies

Obviously there is considerable amount of work in achieving this level of sophistication.

I believe CAD Tools like SolidWorks have already started in a small way towards this effort.

Again we are looking at some mind boggling applications we could dream up to make American manufacturing competitive again.

I would challenge readers to suggest application for this neat Virtual World modelling concept. We will continue to scour the globe for interesting applications.