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Copenhagen Wheel to assist the elderly and disabled with a power boost..

The Copenhagen Wheel can now be used in offshoot applications.

Why not we make it perform as a self-powered exoskeleton.

  • Using the same principle we could design a knee brace which would charge under normal walking and give that extra power boost while we climb stairs.
  • It could also be fitted on self-powered wheel chairs and help the propulsion on a steep incline.
  • It could be used to help elderly to getting up from a seated position
  • It could generate temporary power during blackouts
  • Power single person lifts at home
  • Could become a wearable power source to charge lap tops and cell phones and be charged by normal walking
  • Self powered walker for the infirm

All of us need a capacitor start at some time or other 🙂


Looks like the gemPOD is the cousin of the Copenhagen Wheel

I was just going over the specs of the pemmPOD and the gemPOD. Looks like the gemPOD is the cousin of the Copenhagen MIT wheel Hub. The Copenhagen wheel I am sure will drive a lot of lateral designs. My kudos to the MIT team for making a very strong statement at Copenhagen. The sky is the limit for innovation.

Did the MIT team use Design Thinking. It would be nice to know what drove this grat innovative product?

The Copenhagen Wheel for the Senior Citizen pemmPOD

I recently read about a very neat motorized bike hub from MIT.

The gave rise to some lateral thoughts for outfitting the pemmPOD with this motorized hub. The idea is to have a 3 wheeler version of the pemmPOD for senior citizens and the visually impaired. Lets call this the goldenyearsPOD

This would be perfect for a senior citizen complex like Kingspoint in Tamarac, Florida to use as an example but would have applications all over the country. Florida is sunny throughout the year to warrant the solar panels

Lets look at specifications.

  • Inkjetted Solar panels integrated with a capacitor pack
  • 3 wheels
  • Pedal power
  • Battery assist with capacitors optional
  • MIT motorized hub
  • Air bag chassis
  • guidePOD optional for line following
  • iPOD & iPhone enabled
  • Optional nano ink impregnated battery pack chassis
  • Optional PC
  • Optional monitor
  • Optional media station
  • Optional wi-fi
  • Optional auto navigation
  • Optional castor wheel in front

Lets prototype 🙂