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Ranjan Dash TR35 2009 Young innovator – Printable Solar EV getting closer to reality

Today I read about Ranjan Dash and his Y-Carbon company geared towards producing batteries using ultracapacitors made with Nanoporous carbon which could help power hybrid cars.

This could make my dream of a printable car a reality. Imagine a Solar Electric Vehicle with a body made from solar cells on the outer skin and ultra capacitor batteries on the inner skin.

Here is the link to the MIT Technology Review link

Quoting from the link

“As a graduate student in materials science at Drexel University, Ranjan Dash used a novel chemical recipe to engineer nanoscopic pores into the carbon materials used in ultracapacitors. The tiny pores, whose size can be tuned with subnanometer precision, provide more surface area for charged particles to stick to, doubling the amount of energy the ultracapacitors can hold.”


Free Solar Pumps for Charging Electric Scooters et al

Every day there is something interesting to capture our awe and imagination

Now it is Free Solar Pumps to charge Electric Scooters and other battery operated devices

I think the Solar Age has arrived

Electric Vehicles – A Case for a Modular Approach

The Electric Vehicle is a reality now. We will have many players in the market. We will have many succeed. Many will fail. The time has now come to emulate the PC market in terms of modularity. This will help bring down the cost as well as help after market service for failed brands.

What is modularity in a Electric Vehicle?

  • Battery packs. This could be a standardized pack which could be mass produced.
  • Human Machine Interface. Why not make this a open source tablet. Users could customize their driving experience.
  • Wheels. This could be a motorized plug in component to the chassis with built in brakes.
  • Chassis. This could be aluminum extruded per user configuration. So one could extrude a sports car version or a golf art version.
  • Body. This allows the maximum scope for displaying the emotions of the user. We could use the body to embed solar cells or even ink jet them on to the surface in various color combinations for aesthetics.
  • Electrics could be modular connectors much like the PC to printer cable.
  • LED light clusters could be modular and even ink jet-able.
  • In essence this could be a web configurable version.
  • Orders will be transmitted to the local 3D printing facility for generation and self assembly
  • Media system for the EV could be again a modular plug in component.
  • Virtual manufacturing with virtual companies