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Thomas Frey – Futurist – Da Vinci Institute

The MIT Tech Review introduced me to this link which gives us an introduction to Thomas Frey, the renowned Futurist and Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute

Quoting from Tom Frey

“The greatest value in understanding the future comes from spotting the major cultural, demographic, societal, and economic shifts early and translating them into viable business strategies”

Here is an introduction to Tom Frey taken from the site

Before launching the DaVinci Institute, Tom spent 15 years at IBM as an engineer and designer where he received over 270 awards, more than any other IBM engineer. He is also a past member of the Triple Nine Society (High I.Q. society over 99.9 percentile).

Go ahead and be enriched with the content in the site. I will too and will probably garner content for my next post 🙂


Free Solar Pumps for Charging Electric Scooters et al

Every day there is something interesting to capture our awe and imagination

Now it is Free Solar Pumps to charge Electric Scooters and other battery operated devices

I think the Solar Age has arrived

Lowering Nations Energy Bill by $700 billion – McKinsey must read

Like Energy Secretary Chu says, there is definitely opportunity every where for lowering energy costs.

Free or Affordable Health Care with Predictive Modelling for the Future City

My passion has always been usage of existing knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

Why do we have to pay for techniques and knowledge which is in the public domain? Particularly if we are in that segment of the population which cannot afford it due to economic circumstances.

We all know in today’s economy in the USA it is a fine line from feast to famine for a working professional.

Sam Basta always posts excellent videos and blogs on some great thoughts, ideas and breakthrough improvements made in the health care system.

This is a must see video. It shows us how progressive employers like CISCO look at health care for their employees.

Let us take this concept a little further. We all know the value of Pro Bono work for all professions.

This is an opportunity for the health care professional to take affordable or free health care to those who cannot afford it.

This concept can work for all professions and industries. There is a need for diagnosis in the engineering, manufacturing, finance and services.