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Energy Harvesting Module – Universal Generator

A design proposed by me had been accepted as one of the entries in the

Tech Briefs Create the Future, Design Contest 2010

Please check it out at

In essence it is a modular device which can be mounted on any system to capture the actions of humans.

The device is capable of capturing energy from rotary, reciprocating and angular movement.

It consists of a friction wheel with an integral generator, modular electrical connectors and mounting holes for custom brackets which are application specific.

In short it can be used to harvest energy from home, office, recreational facilities and community areas.


Solar Steam Cooking – Evacuated Glass Tube Collector

My thoughts today on form of Solar Steam Cooking.

It forms the basis for a study on types of solar cooking available for setting up an easily transportable module to serve at least 50 to 100 people per day

One such system is with a Evacuated Glass Tube Collector

Quoting from the article the system

  • Does not require reflectors
  • No need to track the sun
  • Food up to 5 kg per day
  • Can be use as a split system
  • Can be used like conventional cooking

Other potential uses

  • Water distillation
  • Water pasteurization
  • Sterilization
  • Food drying
  • Weed control
  • Power generation

Brand New Future of Servicing of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are in. Very soon the roads will be flooded with economical personal transport. Electric Vehicles do not have to be serviced as frequently as the present internal combustion engined mobiles. Looks like the recommended frequency will be at least a year.

Now, I know dealers will try and get creative to get servicing to be a lucrative deal.

This is not going to happen with the predominance of social media. There will be a brand new way for servicing .

  • Faulty Modules will be exchanged for factory reconditioned modules.
  • There will b no such thing as a labor charge
  • There will be a fixed price including replacement by robots
  • Most problems can be diagnosed by wireless internet on a real time basis
  • Most components will be interchangeable between different makers
  • Online databases will keep track of changes
  • Online databases will give instant quotes on replacement items
  • Customers can also upgrade new module rather than change the whole mobile
  • Software changes to tablet PC’s can be downloaded for enhancements

Let me see what suggestions come from our readers

Electric Vehicles – A Case for a Modular Approach

The Electric Vehicle is a reality now. We will have many players in the market. We will have many succeed. Many will fail. The time has now come to emulate the PC market in terms of modularity. This will help bring down the cost as well as help after market service for failed brands.

What is modularity in a Electric Vehicle?

  • Battery packs. This could be a standardized pack which could be mass produced.
  • Human Machine Interface. Why not make this a open source tablet. Users could customize their driving experience.
  • Wheels. This could be a motorized plug in component to the chassis with built in brakes.
  • Chassis. This could be aluminum extruded per user configuration. So one could extrude a sports car version or a golf art version.
  • Body. This allows the maximum scope for displaying the emotions of the user. We could use the body to embed solar cells or even ink jet them on to the surface in various color combinations for aesthetics.
  • Electrics could be modular connectors much like the PC to printer cable.
  • LED light clusters could be modular and even ink jet-able.
  • In essence this could be a web configurable version.
  • Orders will be transmitted to the local 3D printing facility for generation and self assembly
  • Media system for the EV could be again a modular plug in component.
  • Virtual manufacturing with virtual companies