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NASA’s Puffin: The Personal Electric Air Vehicle – The New Age Personal Emotional Mobile – Go PuffinPOD

NASA’s Puffin: The Personal Electric Air Vehicle.

One step closer to a personal electric vehicle you can take anywhere.

  • Maybe a city without roads with your Puffin taking off from the terrace
  • Maybe even with an Automatic pilot so that you can be on your iPad as you travel
  • Your local sheriff would own one
  • So would your vermin exterminator
  • Who knows, in India sabji wallahs may hover over your windows in a high rise selling vegetables
  • The puffin may spawn new designs in architecture
  • Your personal grand canyon adventure on a Puffin.
  • Your mail man, Fedex man and friendly UPS man may start using it too
  • Dream on

Brand New Future of Servicing of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are in. Very soon the roads will be flooded with economical personal transport. Electric Vehicles do not have to be serviced as frequently as the present internal combustion engined mobiles. Looks like the recommended frequency will be at least a year.

Now, I know dealers will try and get creative to get servicing to be a lucrative deal.

This is not going to happen with the predominance of social media. There will be a brand new way for servicing .

  • Faulty Modules will be exchanged for factory reconditioned modules.
  • There will b no such thing as a labor charge
  • There will be a fixed price including replacement by robots
  • Most problems can be diagnosed by wireless internet on a real time basis
  • Most components will be interchangeable between different makers
  • Online databases will keep track of changes
  • Online databases will give instant quotes on replacement items
  • Customers can also upgrade new module rather than change the whole mobile
  • Software changes to tablet PC’s can be downloaded for enhancements

Let me see what suggestions come from our readers

Smart Meters, Smart Appliances & nodes monitored by Google Power Meter

What says Wikipedia

smart meter is an advanced meter (usually an electrical meter) that identifies consumption in more detail than a conventional meter; and optionally, but generally, communicates that information via some network back to the localutility for monitoring and billing purposes (telemetering). This could work for air and water as well in industrial plants. The ultimate idea is to balance the power from utility companies with a Smart Grid

Do a Google Smart Meter and you will find quite a number of utilities setting up their customers with Smart meters. Now this is the hardware.

Check out GE’s Smart Meter here

Next check out Google’s software called Google Power Meter

Mix a Smart Meter and a Google Power Meter

Well, now you have a Smart Building

This is one of IBM’s 5 areas for Smarting by 2010 to 2015

However you could Smart your appliances as well.

Running a home could be like running a production facility. You could balance your usage intelligently, save $$$ in the process, help the economic gain for the community and country and who knows come up with innovative solutions for the future. You could start generating solar, wind and geo-thermal power at home and be an entrepreneur.

Well, all this is an opportunity for the citizens of the world.

The next level of course is the networking of just about everything in your home. in essence you can query any item. Maybe even your husband and children if you so desire. Life could get pretty exiting. For example you could sense that coffee and milk will run out next Tuesday and have your grocery list generated and a road map plotted for your journey to the pharmacy, grocery store, gas station and post office by the most economical route on a pemmPOD (Google pemmPOD :-))

One last thing. Go for a spin in the evening, don’t mind the expense and check out a Robot. And when you get one see that is better than the iJones’s

Looks like the gemPOD is the cousin of the Copenhagen Wheel

I was just going over the specs of the pemmPOD and the gemPOD. Looks like the gemPOD is the cousin of the Copenhagen MIT wheel Hub. The Copenhagen wheel I am sure will drive a lot of lateral designs. My kudos to the MIT team for making a very strong statement at Copenhagen. The sky is the limit for innovation.

Did the MIT team use Design Thinking. It would be nice to know what drove this grat innovative product?

The Copenhagen Wheel for the Senior Citizen pemmPOD

I recently read about a very neat motorized bike hub from MIT.

The gave rise to some lateral thoughts for outfitting the pemmPOD with this motorized hub. The idea is to have a 3 wheeler version of the pemmPOD for senior citizens and the visually impaired. Lets call this the goldenyearsPOD

This would be perfect for a senior citizen complex like Kingspoint in Tamarac, Florida to use as an example but would have applications all over the country. Florida is sunny throughout the year to warrant the solar panels

Lets look at specifications.

  • Inkjetted Solar panels integrated with a capacitor pack
  • 3 wheels
  • Pedal power
  • Battery assist with capacitors optional
  • MIT motorized hub
  • Air bag chassis
  • guidePOD optional for line following
  • iPOD & iPhone enabled
  • Optional nano ink impregnated battery pack chassis
  • Optional PC
  • Optional monitor
  • Optional media station
  • Optional wi-fi
  • Optional auto navigation
  • Optional castor wheel in front

Lets prototype 🙂

The pemmPOD evolves into a line following Personal Emotional Mobile

Guidance Module

The pemmPOD continue to evolve.

  • Conceptual specifications are complete
  • gemPOD the universal prime mover module is detailed
  • The universal interface is detailed in concept
  • The pemmPOD has internet connectivity for diagnostics
  • The final piece is the Intelligent Sensor Module or guidePOD
  • All of the above are in the posts under the pemmPOD category

The guidePOD or intelligent sensor module can be attached to the front, sides and the rear of the pemmPOD. This configuration will enable the pemmPOD to turn on cross sections using an intelligent mapping tool driven by GPS. The guidePOD will make the pemmPOD collission proof.

Many interesting options are available for batteries. I recently looked at a paper battery made by impregnating with nano ink in the MIT Tech Review. The thought now is the make the whole chassis as a battery. So it will be a power storage device as well as a component anchoring device.

One of the thoughts this time is to consider the options of having the pemmPOD as a service as opposed to a product. Community citizens would design the configuration of the pemmPOD with city colors or themes. The pemmPOD would roll in on call from an iPhone or iTouch like device. Routes would be set by docking the iPOD with the pemmPOD. Community citizens would be allowed a certain amount of free ride hours on the system. So in essence this would be a service design initiative.

Will continue to update on design features and the scope of the community line following pemmPOD project.

One interesting feature of the pemmPOD is that it can be operated by people of any type of disability or ability as it depends purely on intelligent auto piloting