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Kaizen is a Gentlemen’s Sport – Time Studies Hit Below The Belt

Time studies are inhuman

Why do a Time Study when you can Kaizen with the Team

I don’t think any one likes to be timed or watched.

I wonder whether real Black Belts ever ask for time studies

Then how do you do the measure in DMAIC?

I call it self measurement

Without trust there can be no progress


Having Fun with Conducting Factory Acceptance Tests on Android Smart Phones and Off the Shelf Free Apps.

Toys will always be a part of our lives. I have always been fascinated with toys. The kind you buy as well as the kind you make yourself.

Every year I treat myself to some of the toys you can buy. This year it was a HTC Incredible Android Smart Phone. The fun part is to explore the capabilities of the toy, the free apps and what can you do with it at work.

I am a factory automation engineer among other things. I love new projects and travelling to vendors facilities to test and accept new equipment.

Usually Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) will entail carrying a heavy ring binder or a lap top. This year I am going to try something different.

Maybe I will import the Test Plan into my Android Smart Phone. Here is a list of things I could do to have a very good record of all the “happenings” during the test. All this with free apps from the Android Market Place

  • Record videos of the Test Run
  • Image unusual or alarming conditions
  • Record vocal comments
  • Note down Test Parameters
  • Record Vibration Signatures
  • Record Sound dB levels
  • Check Levels
  • Share data with colleagues on the Cloud
  • Log Test Data
  • Explore equipment manuals with QR codes
  • I am sure readers will find a host of other interesting things to do 🙂

And as Kelsey Grammer say’s in Down Periscope

“I love my Job”

What a great age to be alive and kicking



Predictive Maintenance Using Machine Vision Inspection & Real Time SPC – Introduction

Machine Vision Inspection & Real Time SPC are now part and parcel of most modern custom manufacturing automation equipment.

This is an inbuilt tool which will also help us conduct predictive maintenance.

  • Real time run charts act as a process signature for a given set of parameters and machine condition
  • Base line these signatures in chart form in your knowledge base
  • Develop history
  • Compare these signatures with your daily run charts
  • Variations in the charts will point out to equipment wear or change in incoming material specifications.

Typical types of equipment deterioration could include

  • Tracking of belts
  • Belt wear
  • Tool wear and time for re-sharpening
  • Maintenance for printers, lasers
  • Bearing failure
  • Broken components in the system
  • Sensors at point of failure
  • Servo motors at point of failure
  • Tools failing in vision system

Car Free Cities – An Interesting Option – Should Retirements Communities Adopt this Model

Read all about Car Free Cities. It is a viable and interesting option.

Should retirement communities adopt this model?

Looking at Sustainable Living in Goa with seamless recycling and food production – 1975 (Believe it or not)

I had the good fortune of working for Ravi & Shashi Ruia of Essar fame in the 70’s as a young engineer in Goa, India.

This was one of their earliest ventures in building a mammoth Ore & Oil Handling Terminal in Vasco Da Gama for the Mormugao Port trust.

We worked and played hard. We had some very good Goan friends and traveled into the villages and got a taste for the local life. Also developed a taste for Feni (Cashew fruit liquor)

One of our visits was for a nice Goan lunch with our friends family in enchanting rural Goa.

They had a beautiful Portuguese style villa with walls painted with pictorial stories.  The lunch was heavy and I had to relieve myself. I asked our hosts to show me the rest room and was led to a huge room with a platform and a hole in it.

As soon  as I relieved myself I heard a squeaking noise and saw pigs rush and clean up the waste material. I was scared out of my wits but regained my composure and calmly approached my host and asked them what they did with the pigs.

He calmly replied that now and then they would slaughter them for food and the lunch we had was one which had been slaughtered the week before.

They had an elegant sewage disposal system and the waste was recycled into food

I have always pondered this and told this story many times to an unbelieving audience.

But looking back it does make sense in terms of total seamless recycling and sustainable living 🙂

I did tell my mom about this and she muttered something about tape worms

What do my readers think?

Free Solar Pumps for Charging Electric Scooters et al

Every day there is something interesting to capture our awe and imagination

Now it is Free Solar Pumps to charge Electric Scooters and other battery operated devices

I think the Solar Age has arrived

Using extreme conditions to the advantage of the world

We have extreme conditions in the world

  • Hurricanes
  • Excessive Rain
  • Storms
  • Fires
  • Excessive snow
  • Floods
  • Volcano’s
  • Earthquakes
  • Winds
  • Excessive heat

Our predictive technologies are extremely accurate at this point to pinpoint exact locations ahead of time

Can we use these natural extremes to benefit the world?

Can we have towable, floatable or air-liftable structure which can convert this extreme natural energy into storable usable energy?

A few thoughts on these

  • Flying, floating or wheeled  wind farms
  • Ditto the same for Solar Farms
  • Floating tidal power generator barges?
  • Gigantic steam turbines powered off forest fires
  • Novel energy generators from the excessive snow

I am sure some, somewhere is already working on these to bring it to the world someday