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The Last Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back – A Lesson In Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is looking at the causal effects for a failure and install controls to prevent repetition of the problem. Usually there will be multiple causes which combine to create the failure.

Let us contemplate what was the cause for the camel’s back to break

  • True it is overloading beyond the capability of the camel. But how do you specify the load a camel will carry. It is dependent on the camel’s health, temperature of the day, the terrain, speed of travel and the skill of the camel jockey.
  • The health of a camel depends on the nutrition and care bestowed by the jockey and his skill in choosing the right time to travel as well as scout out the most comfortable terrain to navigate.
  • Designed experiments help set up the parameters which will help the camel carry a set load under given conditions.

Here is an excellent link on the subject





Vibration Feature Pattern Matching – Machinery Prognostics Tool – LabView

LabView can help us predict machine failures before they occur.

A very informative link is to visit and enter nsi1105

What is Vibration Feature Pattern Matching?

A very good explanation is found at

Quoting from the link

“By capturing dynamic measurements from operating machines such as vibration, electrical power, and dynamic pressure; it is possible to extract key component signature features.  With this feature information, it is possible to tabulate specific metrics which drive plant maintenance and production schedules”

Here is an excellent link from Penn State on Machinery prognostics and Condition Monitoring


Energy Harvesting – Free Power From Thermal, Kinetic & Solar Energy

Do you have an idea to harvest energy from Thermal, Kinetic & Solar Energy?

Check out this site from Linear Technology

Look at the case studies and ask for free samples to test out your theories.

Make the world self sufficient in energy one person at a time.

Revisiting Harnessing Energy Expended by People

Here are some links to earlier blogs on harnessing energy expended by people.

I have seen quite a number of interesting ways people around the world have found to harness this wasted energy. There have been a plethora of new products which convert the motion generated by people into usable energy.

What I have not seen are kits which can retrofit existing products or structures to convert the lost motion.

For example how about a kit which you can install on a revolving or sliding door with a docking station to charge you iPhone or iPod

This is a fertile area where once could suggest ideas and even submit to the various contests with free 3D CAD software.

Ready for some dreaming?

Theme Parks of the Future – Educational & Environmentally Conscious

Theme parks have to change. It cant just be a ride oriented park anymore.

The future Theme Park will be educational and environmentally conscious and more of a Science Park

Future City Theme Parks may have the following

  • Children can take all household goods to be recycled
  • Children will get paid for items which they will feed the recycling unit and watch the process as they ride in pedal, electric or solar cars.
  • Children may also be encouraged to bank their recycling dollars
  • Adults may have as much fun as children and will be able to give input into the design of the parks
  • The park will be an evolving model to continue to encourage continuous visits
  • Will have clubs catering to various scientific and cultural interests
  • May be part of the University of the Future
  • May also be part of local communities
  • May house actual local villages populated by real villagers from around the world
  • Food served in the parks will have been grown organically with recycled water
  • City administrators would be housed in the parks
  • Corporate executives nay have their conferences in the parks
  • In short it may be a whole new learning adventure
  • In short crowd sourced ideas may be the name of the game

Six Flags and Disney, are you listening?

Looking at Sustainable Living in Goa with seamless recycling and food production – 1975 (Believe it or not)

I had the good fortune of working for Ravi & Shashi Ruia of Essar fame in the 70’s as a young engineer in Goa, India.

This was one of their earliest ventures in building a mammoth Ore & Oil Handling Terminal in Vasco Da Gama for the Mormugao Port trust.

We worked and played hard. We had some very good Goan friends and traveled into the villages and got a taste for the local life. Also developed a taste for Feni (Cashew fruit liquor)

One of our visits was for a nice Goan lunch with our friends family in enchanting rural Goa.

They had a beautiful Portuguese style villa with walls painted with pictorial stories.  The lunch was heavy and I had to relieve myself. I asked our hosts to show me the rest room and was led to a huge room with a platform and a hole in it.

As soon  as I relieved myself I heard a squeaking noise and saw pigs rush and clean up the waste material. I was scared out of my wits but regained my composure and calmly approached my host and asked them what they did with the pigs.

He calmly replied that now and then they would slaughter them for food and the lunch we had was one which had been slaughtered the week before.

They had an elegant sewage disposal system and the waste was recycled into food

I have always pondered this and told this story many times to an unbelieving audience.

But looking back it does make sense in terms of total seamless recycling and sustainable living 🙂

I did tell my mom about this and she muttered something about tape worms

What do my readers think?

Hot Rock Power

Read about another interesting under utilized power source.

  • Hot Rocks

Well the ancients cooked on hot rocks.

Fried eggs any one?