We still like filling forms


This is 2012 and we are still filling forms. At the doctors, at work, for credit, at banks, schools, colleges and probably even at play.

The least pardonable is at work. Inspire of the advances made on corporate databases we still seem to love entering data multiple times. We then check them, edit the, correct them. We get so engrossed in this and forget the ultimate goal.

Agile is a very popular document managing system. Why can’t we use it to generate the reports for us. All that we have to do it give the relevant input. As engineers we love to think that an expert system will not fit the needs. But all things we do fit a pattern.

Custom furniture is not custom any more if you break it down to the basic component and give it the 3 dimensions.

We thought the heavier the report the better the score. Is that still true in today’s world?


Why do we have a shortage of Medical Device Design and Process Engineers?

I have been with the medical device industry for a decade. The decades before that was spent with heavy construction, automobiles, consumer goods on a host of interesting assignments.

Process engineers are a much sought out skill with medical device companies. It takes about 6 months to get the right engineers with the right skills.

The fast growth in the medical industry has contributed to this.

The sad part is that 75% of the work done by these highly skilled engineers is consumed by mounds of documentation work.

So, what is the moral of the story?

Should be a good Six Sigma project.


Building A Case For Dual Use Facilities

We have to start using our existing infrastructure and get it to optimum use before we think of grandiose schemes for expansion.
Malls are use for only 60% of the time. Schools possibly 50%. Movie theatres 50%
Amphi theatres 35% and so on. You get the picture here



With the miniaturization of the factory space can we think of merging schools and factories
Hotels and homes
Parks and ?
We have to break out of the box and look at outlandish ways of living in this wonderful earth.

New artificial heart keeps you alive without a pulse | MNN – Mother Nature Network


Of all things proverbially so in mechanics the supreme excellence is simplicity – James Watt.

New artificial heart keeps you alive without a pulse | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

First self-powered device with wireless data transmission

First self-powered device with wireless data transmission.

Quoting from the article

“Operate battery-free on minute amounts of electricity that can be harvested from the pulse of a blood vessel, a gentle breeze, or the motions of a person walking. It is entirely possible to drive the devices by scavenging energy from sources in the environment such as gentle airflow, vibration, sonic wave, solar, chemical, and/or thermal energy,”


Indira Gandhi on Doing Work Versus Taking Credit For It – Bob Sutton

Indira Gandhi on Doing Work Versus Taking Credit For It – Bob Sutton.

University Of The People – Tuition Free Online University – Zap Your Career


Quoting from the site

“University of the People (UoPeople) is the world’s first tuition-free online academic institution dedicated to the global advancement and democratization of higher education. The high-quality low-cost global educational model embraces the worldwide presence of the Internet and dropping technology costs to bring university-level studies within reach of millions of people across the world. With the support of respected academics, humanitarians and other visionaries, the UoPeople student body represents a new wave in global education.”

This will be the trend in the future of education