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The Cloud, Sensors, Smart Phones and Predictive Diagnostics for Man and Machine

What a combination?

Take the following

  • The Cloud
  • Sensors (Temp, ElectroChemical, Optical, Pressure, Flow, vibration, sound etc.)
  • Smart Phones
  • Apps
  • Engineers and Dreamers

What do you have

  • Input data from sensors
  • Analysis in Apps
  • Storage in the Cloud
  • Diagnostic solutions on your Smart Phone

I believe we are just looking at the tip of the iceberg here.

Go ahead and Google whats happening at Barcelona with TI and ANT



Android University – Antikythera Simulation

I recently loaded an App on Simulation.

  • Antikythera Simulation

Looking at the simulation reminded me of a Swiss Clock and I decided to Google and YouTube my way to gathering interesting insights on the history of mechanical engineering and astronomy.

Here are a couple of links which will fascinate and educate you

Great new thought toys for mechanical engineers, solid modelers, astronomers and Android Geeks

Data Acquisition on Android Smart Phones with Bluetooth

Modern day data analysis gets to be more fun all the time. Looking at the Six Sigma DMAIC approach, Analyze is the phase which comes after Measurement.

Modern day manufacturing relies on a predictive approach. You acquire data and analyze the same continuously to define the problem. So, in essence a problem is nipped at the bud.

Lets look at how this can be done on an Android Smart Phone.

Equipment Trouble Shooting, SPC et al

First start with some of the interesting applications on Android Marketplace as idea generating centers.

Go ahead and experiment. Before you know it you will be seeing trends and recommendations on your Android

That is Android University for you today

Having Fun with Conducting Factory Acceptance Tests on Android Smart Phones and Off the Shelf Free Apps.

Toys will always be a part of our lives. I have always been fascinated with toys. The kind you buy as well as the kind you make yourself.

Every year I treat myself to some of the toys you can buy. This year it was a HTC Incredible Android Smart Phone. The fun part is to explore the capabilities of the toy, the free apps and what can you do with it at work.

I am a factory automation engineer among other things. I love new projects and travelling to vendors facilities to test and accept new equipment.

Usually Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) will entail carrying a heavy ring binder or a lap top. This year I am going to try something different.

Maybe I will import the Test Plan into my Android Smart Phone. Here is a list of things I could do to have a very good record of all the “happenings” during the test. All this with free apps from the Android Market Place

  • Record videos of the Test Run
  • Image unusual or alarming conditions
  • Record vocal comments
  • Note down Test Parameters
  • Record Vibration Signatures
  • Record Sound dB levels
  • Check Levels
  • Share data with colleagues on the Cloud
  • Log Test Data
  • Explore equipment manuals with QR codes
  • I am sure readers will find a host of other interesting things to do 🙂

And as Kelsey Grammer say’s in Down Periscope

“I love my Job”

What a great age to be alive and kicking



Android Mobile Phones, QR Codes and Manufacturing Engineering

QR codes provide a great opportunity for manufacturing engineers.

Take a highly automated piece of equipment and embed QR codes on the HMI for spare parts, SOP’s, maintenance procedures and trouble shooting aids.

QR code generators are available free from the World Wide Web and can be generated in the form of *png,pdf & jpeg images.

Your Android phone can download free QR code readers (Apps) from the Android MarketPlace.

Generate codes for URL’s holding the required information and embed them in the alarm screens of the HMI

When an alarm condition occurs scan the 2D barcode with the QR scanner app and take the user directly to the URL giving the required information for corrective action.

Have Android will Six Sigma 🙂